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EU Visiting Staff Events

Three staff members from the European Union Commission visit MIIS and UC Berkeley to discuss Multilingualism in the European Union Please see the attached flyers for information about the two related events: a Tech Cafe in the DLC on February 9 from 4-6, and a panel discussion in the Irvine Auditorium on February 10 from […]

Lecture on the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Human Computer Interface (HCI)

Spence Green is a recent Ph.D graduate in Computer Science at Stanford University. He works with Chris Manning and Jeff Heer and is a member of the Stanford NLP Group and the UW Interactive Data Lab. Spence is currently researching the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Human Computer Interface (HCI). He has also worked on syntactic parsing, machine translation, and coreference […]

16th Mini-Monterey Model

16th Mini-Monterey  The Mini-Monterey Model is collaborative effort between the Language and Intercultural Program and the Interpretation Practicum class. It includes a set of presentations given by students in the languages that they are studying. The presentations are then simultaneously interpreted by students of interpretation into various languages. The theme this year, presented by the […]

MIIS Prof. Cyril Flerov Published

MIIS Professor Cyril Flerov has recently published an article on the AIIC webpage. The article is titled “The mirror is originally clean”: Simultaneous interpreting as a form of dynamic mediation. To read the article visit:

Meet the Chinese Interpreters!

Meet the Chinese Interpreters! 11 students in Chinese program will interpret at the Fall Forum. From left to right, WANG Jingrui, LIU Chang, REN Junhan (Scarlett), Lorraine Wan, SHEN Peilan (Becky), SHEN Yingchun (Erica), CHEN Mo, SUN Yayuan (April), LIU Meng (Susan), WU Yiray, YANG Xiaoting (Gracey), SOONG Shanjie (Grace), LI Lan (Fall Forum Planning Committee, […]

Meet the German Interpreters!

Meet the German Interpreters! At Fall Forum 2014 you can experience three contributions in German and their interpretation into English. (Isabel Frey, Hannes Schauer, Yiray Wu) Isabel is a non-graduate student on an exchange semester. Her C language is Spanish. She will finish her Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting at the University of Heidelberg next […]

Meet Fall Forum Speaker Rajeev Sinha!

Meet a Fall Forum speaker! Fall Forum 2014 will be held in 3 days. In this event, speakers from more than 10 countries will discuss one of the most urgent global issues of our time: Water. Rajeev Sinha, a student in the Chinese Translation and Interpretation program at MIIS from India, is one of our […]

Four Days Until Fall Forum!

Fall Forum, MIIS’ annual consecutive interpreting event, is scheduled for November 14. That’s in 4 days! This year, students from 6 language programs will interpret for speakers from more than 10 countries, who will gather together to discuss one of the most urgent issues of our time: water The diversity of speakers and languages are […]

Meet the Korean Interpreters!

Come to the Fall Forum to see the Korean interpreters in action! (Left to right) Sungouk Jang, Nari Jeong, Heami Jeung Showing respect and politeness towards another person is an important aspect of Korean language and culture. Korean interpreters use the appropriate level of honorifics (suffixes or words used to express respect/politeness) to address someone. […]

MIIS Faculty Minhua Liu Published!

Professor Minhua Liu co-edited a book that was just published called Aptitude for Interpreting. Here is a description of the book: “First published as a Special Issue of Interpreting (issue 10:1, 2011) and complemented with two articles published in Interpreting issue 16:1, 2014, this volume provides a comprehensive view of the challenge of identifying and measuring aptitude for […]

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