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A Rewarding Summer Protecting & Enhancing California’s Coast

Southern California’s pristine coastline and a work to protect it: I would definitely say this is a superb way to spend my summer. I am here at California Coastal Commission’s South Coast District Office in Long Beach, just a few blocks from the ocean and the Port of Long Beach. Along with 6 other district […]

First week at TRNERR

My summer began with a sunrise visit of the Tijuana River Estuary at Border Field State Park. I met my new supervisors at 7AM for a special tour they were hosting for a team of journalists interested in the binational relations and environmental problems in the Tijuana River Valley. Following around a film crew and […]

Change of Plans

We wake up early to buckets of rain pouring onto the skylight. In Belgium there is a saying: sa drache; it’s bucketing. We manage to leave the house at a more reasonable hour, and poke our heads into yet more police activity in the little square where …

Not a Great Day for Democracy

Belgium has the oldest compulsory voting system in the world, and goes to great lengths to enforce it. Matthias received a ballot and voting instructions all the way in the States for the election that was held here on Sunday (we voted last week, and i…

Welcome Home

Beinvenue à la maison doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Another one of those untranslatable things. There’s a massive canvas of the Brooklyn Bridge in our Brussels apartment. There are Burton and all manner of other snowboard/skateboard/surfing w…

Kimberly Aiken: Arctic Research in Germany

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) German Arctic officePotsdam, Germany22 July – 20 September, 2019 Kimberly will collect information about international laws and agreements applicable for the Arctic and summarize them in a fact sheet. If possible, she will use graphical tools (e.g. ArcGIS) to illustrate the factsheet. Besides this main task, she will help with the […]

Richard Castillo: WWF Environmental and Social Safeguards

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Washington, D.C.June 3 to August 9, 2019 Environmental and Social Safeguards are an integral component of international development projects. WWF is committed to ensuring that its projects not only avoid (or minimize) adverse environmental and social impacts, but also enhance positive impacts to the maximum extent possible. The Safeguards team under the […]

Abi Ferrazzini: Assessing the Blue Economy of Kenya and Tanzania

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and European Institute of Marine Studies (IUEM)Université de Bretagne Occidentale/IUEM Brest, FranceMay 27 – August 16, 2019 The Center for the Blue Economy and the Nicholas Institute of Duke University are conducting a study of the “blue economy,” the contributions of the oceans and coastlines to the economy, and the need […]

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