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International Speaker Series: Bill McGibbins

I recently tabled for the World Affairs Council when Bill McGibbins gave his talk titled, “Climate Futures: Beyond Paris”. McKibben is a bestselling author and “the planet’s best green journalist” (TIME), and the founder of…

A Guide to Bafia – Written by my students

To all of my blog readers, I hope you will enjoy this entry written by guest authors: my 8th grade English students in Cameroon! A Guide to Bafia       Written by 4eme B (German and Chinese) of G.H.S. Bafia Edited by Laura Preston, Peace Corps Volunteer, English Education, Bafia, Cameroon (2015-2017) Government High […]

Night Diving

Imagine absolute darkness. The lightless, shockingly empty void is a velvety thick colorless black. That is what the ocean can be like, at night. It …

Waiting for the Rain – a perspective on dry season

The heat as usual was unbearable. As I walked in the dust down the road at midday I could see I wasn’t the only one suffering. Men sat at the local bars, swatting at flies as they sipped at their lukewarm beers, silently contemplating unknown thoughts. Women sat or laid out on their porches with […]

Learning a Community

“We made it!” Janet shouted, as arms and legs became more entangled and thrown in every direction as all of us passengers attempted to crawl out of the dusty car with a burning desire to breathe. I looked around for something familiar about Gadji, that would remind me of Bafia, but I couldn’t see it. […]

Contradictions and Assumptions

It was the typical deal. As my fellow volunteer Caitlin and I waited under the mango tree for a motorcycle to pick us up, there they were, a couple of 16 year old male students from my school in uniform, strutting their way down the street on a school day at 10:00 AM. Definitely not […]

Giant Clam Restocking

I recently had the good fortune to participate in a unique project with DENR to restock Giant Clams, locally called Taklobo, in the marine protected …

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