Adventures in Jordan

Wedged into my bus seat, limbs at odd angles around backpacks, lunch sacks and water bottles, I let the conversation float around me. Singsong Arabic, punctuated by frequent laughter and the occasional few words from a song, drowned out the increasing sounds of traffic as we re-entered Amman. With my eyes closed, I couldn’t tell student from native speaker. “This,” I thought to myself, “is what an immersive program is really all about.” Continue reading

Why We Don’t Do “Placement”

I hate the “P” word. Seriously.

I’ve called out well-meaning staff and faculty members (even former Institute presidents!) who have used the term. Is it because I don’t want to take responsibility for you, our students and alumni, obtaining internships and jobs? Of course not. Rather, it’s because it is absolutely critical that you see yourselves as active agents in your own career development at every step of the way. The word “placement” connotes the idea that all you have to do is get good grades in grad school, and the career services staff will be lining up job offers for you just in time for graduation. This is a dangerous premise on many levels. Continue reading

Harnessing Top Talent in the Translation and Localization Industry – Welocalize West Coast Internships

Samantha Henderson is a Program Director at global translation and localization company, Welocalize. Sam currently works with the MIIS careers team to help recruit and develop interns who are interested in a career in translation and localization. In this blog, she talks about how she became involved with MIIS. Continue reading

Your First Year After MIIS

Career Advice for After Graduate School – Navigating Your First Few Years

Congratulations to the new MIIS graduating class of 2016!  You’re entering the workforce at a dynamic time, and hopefully are well on your way to getting that first job or key internship opportunity. However, I want to talk to you all about how you can navigate another critical time in your career development – that first couple of years on the job. Continue reading

Is it Inappropriate for Men to Ask Women Out at Work?

Comedian and late night television host, Samantha Bee, brought up something interesting on her show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, about sexual harassment.

She started off with a couple of news stories of women facing discrimination for avoiding men’s sexual advances at work, and at the end of her segment she said, “Right now I’m actually picturing some guy saying, ‘Ugh! What do I have to do? Stop asking women out at work because it makes them uncomfortable?’” To which she replied, “Yes, you are at work.” Continue reading

Fulbright US Student Program: The Application is Now Open!

Greetings, US students!

  • Have you created a great research proposal that you’d love to implement in the field?
  • Are you looking to take your English teaching experience to the next level internationally?
  • Are you a digital storytelling guru with a passion for exploring issues through film, blogging and photography?
  • Are you an aspiring policy advisor seeking direct experience in a foreign government ministry on a specific issue?
  • Have you ever considered applying for a Fulbright Award?

Continue reading

New Job Search Tool: Global Professional Search (GPS)

Before I begin talking about this exciting new tool we’ve brought to MIIS, I wanted to ask: have you noticed the cool new rotating menu of external sites on the bottom left side of your Zócalo home page? My colleague Grace developed this, and I think it’s a great way to highlight all of the great tools we’ve subscribed to in support of your career search. Happy exploring!   Continue reading

MIIS “Breaks Spring” in Washington, DC

Scott @ Relief International

Scott Webb (MPA ’07) at right with students visiting Relief International in March 2016.

While the stereotypical spring breakers head to far-flung destinations to absorb sun and fun, about 60 MIIS students got themselves to Washington DC where the MIIS Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS) and Alumni Relations Office collaborated to arrange 32 distinct events for MIIS students to network, learn, and develop their careers. Continue reading

Gender Pronouns and a Young Woman’s Career

It all started with a post on the “Student Affairs Professionals” Facebook group. Chris Liebert of The University of Kansas wrote, “Today I began using a new email signature that includes my gender pronouns. If anyone else has been considering the update, join me! Since my gender pronouns associate with the typical perception of cisgender-normativity [descriptor for those whose experiences of their own gender agree with the sex they were assigned at birth], this public display of my pronouns cost me little to no social capital…If this small, cost free, adaptation makes even the slightest difference in how supported my students feel on campus, I should have a more substantial reason not to list my pronouns…” Continue reading