Exploring Corporate Level Solutions

All is still well in Denmark! Although if you don’t look out the window, I really could be anywhere. Working for Maersk is the very definition of international. In a single day I may be on the phone with colleagues in Singapore and Mumbai (sometimes at the same time), frantically flipping through the pages of MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ships) to determine whether or not a rig in the Philippines is disposing of their drill cuttings accordingly, or discussing corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Arctic with colleagues over coffee. In our small HSSE team alone, there are ten countries represented and three continents. It makes for such an invigorating work environment, as world views fuse into progressive policymaking and occasional cultural faux pas give way to much needed laughter breaks. Continue reading


After one month in Southern Pohnpei with the Enipein community, my time in the jungle is up. I bid farewell to my “brother” Teraul and the rest of my wonderful host-family, then delivered my conservation management plan to the Woun Kepin Soamwoai Nature Conservancy, sent my grant proposal to the Municipal Government of Kitti, distributed my Ridge-to-Reef educational PowerPoint to the Community Conservation Officers, and presented the village chief with my Enipein Ecotourism outreach brochure. I left my injured bird, Elvis, in the caring hands of some village friends who agreed to continue my efforts of nursing him back to health, and gave my adopted stray dog, Kovu, one final pat as I left Enipein and the jungle behind me. Continue reading

Bonjour from Paris and UNESCO!

IMG_1278After an entire year of talking about, analyzing and dissecting UNESCO’s World     Heritage Program, I find it almost hard to believe that I am actually here. Every morning I walk the 4 minutes from my apartment in the 7th Arrondissement to my internship in the World Heritage Center situated alongside the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Eiffel Tower looming large just a half mile away, and I  have to pinch myself.

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A Mzungu in Nairobi

Mambo and hello from Nairobi! This summer I have the amazing opportunity to do something I have not stopped talking about for months. I am interning with the United Nations Environment Programme with their Global Programme of Action for the protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities (GPA). The offices of the GPA are located in Nairobi, Kenya and are the UN headquarters in Africa.

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Both Co. Aquaponics

Hope it was a happy 4th of July for all! The summer with Both Co. has been veggie good. With 2 beautiful aquaponics systems producing delicious and sustainable veggies, investors and clients can’t help but knock on Both Co.’s garden gate. Both Co. has also been donating the majority of their produce to local food banks in the Monterey area. An anonymous investor donates for the lbs of produce and the money goes towards Both Co’s ever growing vision of helping solve global thirst and hunger. The next, bigger, badder, and more eco-friendly system is in the mix.  I will be updating soon on more of the veggie goodness, but until then, eat local and sustainable, ya hippies ; )




City Life

I have never been a city person. I have never pictured myself working in an office, wearing heels and blazers, metro-ing in every day and taking the elevator to the 28th floor. And yet here I am, doing all that and more.

My whole life I have been called things like “outdoorsy” and “addicted to the sun.” My passions have always revolved around camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and pretty much anything else that would facilitate me being outdoors on a sunny day. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, these passions were easy to pursue, and they manifested in the form of surfing, scuba diving, and lots of beach time. As a result of spending so much time outdoors, I developed a strong desire to protect the places that I love, especially the critically endangered ocean environments that I had long taken for granted as a resident of a town who cherishes and protects its marine ecosystems. Once I began traveling and viewing the world outside of my hometown oasis, I began to realize the truth: that our oceans are in trouble.

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The Jungle Book

Having snorkeled the Nahtik Marine Protected Area and having navigated the Enipein Mangrove Reserve, exploration of the Watershed Rainforest Reserve was the last step required to complete my tour of the three conservation sites included in my Ridge-to-Reef management plan for the Woun Kepin Soamwaoi Nature Conservancy. Continue reading

Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2015

Capitol Hill Ocean Week (June 9-11)the nations largest, most focused, and highest level of oceans discussions. #CHOW2015 on Twitter

With the start of the 114th Congress, Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) marked a unique opportunity to shape the U.S. marine policy agenda, engage leadership, cultivate new ocean champions, and drive lively conversation about America’s most critical ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes issues. For more than a decade, CHOW has convened Congressional Members and staff, Administration officials, state and local government representatives, business executives, military officials, academic experts, and conservation leaders to explore a wide range of cutting-edge and challenging policy issues relating to our ocean. Continue reading

Eels, Squeals, and Automobiles

I wake to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on my tin roof, quickly followed by the thunderous drum of rain pouring down from the heavens, as if trying to wash the planet clean (if only it were so easy). Which reminds me that I should probably shower. I sit up slowly as to not wake my bedmates, which are naturally accustomed to the noise of tropical downpours, and sneak outside. The sun is just beginning to peak through the jungle canopy, sending beams of light dancing across the rapidly forming muddy puddles. I grab my shoes and soap and begin my slippery descent down the moss covered, rocky embankment. Continue reading

Flying across the country with my Pickle

I moved into my beautiful studio in D.C. three days before I started work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAA). The lush greenery of Washington, D.C. has pleasantly surprised me. Walking around this city feels like a mixture of my favorite metropolises- the greenery of Amsterdam, the liveliness of Istanbul, and the historical beauty of Paris. My apartment is located in an incredibly central area that is the perfect combination of city life and nature, including trails leading to Rock Creek National Park. The weekend we flew to D.C. happened to fall on Memorial Day Weekend. It was so much fun to experience the parades and festivities throughout the National Mall all the while honoring our veterans. Continue reading

In Between Here and There (A Story of an Environmentalist and a Drilling Company)

I love flying. I love the people watching in the airports, the international merging, the shameless snacking and more than anything, the overwhelming sense of being somewhere in between. In between what, of course, is personal for everyone. You will perhaps find yourself in between two places, Point A and Point B, nothing more. Perhaps you will find yourself in between two big life events, where your footsteps become the physical manifestation of your own emotional growth. Perhaps you will find yourself in between the retractable belt barriers in the security checkpoint, looking over your shoulder at what you are leaving behind while being ushered forward towards your next significant something. These in between moments often make me cry. Continue reading

Making it to Micronesia

After 27 hours of planes, airports, buses and taxis, I have found myself in the South Pacific on the Island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. The tropical heat and humidity are quite a change from cool and foggy Monterey, but the rainy tropical afternoon thunderstorms offer refuge from the smothering heat. Continue reading