Email etiquette

Just a quick reminder to send out group emails/mass-mailings by mailing the message to yourself and then putting the distribution list in the blind-copy section (bcc).  This way you are not giving out lists of email addresses to all of the recipients or divulging any information about the other people receiving your mail.

We have posted general Monterey Institute email policies and guidelines for mass-mailing on this blog under the Guides section.

The MIIS Communications blog is taking shape!

A smart man once said that only when we are lost can we begin to understand ourselves.

While we were not exactly totally lost – a la Kramer vs Kramer or Elizabeth Gilbert – the MIIS communications blog has been going through some minimal soul searching, resulting in a clarified purpose for being.  The goal is to make MIIS communication a valuable resource for the MIIS community on all things related to inside or outside communication.

Here we will either host or link to many of the most used resources such as the MIIS logos, PPT templates, a variety of images as well as  style guides and monthly press clippings.  And – anything else we – or you – might think of.

A Day in the Life – You?

Why not? When you really think about it – couldn’t your life be interesting and exotic?  You live it every day and don’t usually have a reason to wonder what other people might find unusual, fun, strange or even funny.  Why not participate in the world wide experiment of filming your day – the whole 24 hours on July 24, 2010 and submitting in to the YouTube Life in a Day competition

If the proper studyof mankind is man, then there could hardly be a better place to start than with yourself – or what?