Lead story - El Salvador Student Interacting
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Major Gifts to Boost Language & Immersive Learning

Spring in the Monterey Bay area brought new growth to more than just the artichoke fields, as a pair of anonymous gifts totaling $4.1 million promised to greatly expand opportunities for MIIS students.

Laura Burian Michelle Obama China
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Professor Burian Interprets for First Lady in China

Monterey Institute Professor Laura Burian (MATI ’98) interpreted for Michelle Obama during the First Lady’s March visit to China.

Service Learning
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New Service-Learning Course Builds Community Partnerships

This spring, students had the chance to learn about program design while working with Monterey-area community organizations as part of a new service learning course.

TEDx Band
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In Year Five, TEDxMonterey Keeps Thrilling and Inspiring

This year over three hundred people gathered to explore the theme of “Edges,” with topics ranging from what we know about life on other planets to how to find the sweet spot in a digital world.

Alumni Profile Helga McIntyre
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Helga McIntyre: “My Friends, My Friends, My Friends…Oh, and a Career, Too!

A satisfying career is a great outcome of graduate school but when Helga is asked about the greatest take away from her time at MIIS she is quick to respond: “My friends, my friends, my friends!”

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