Own Pin Smaller
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Own Your Pin: Tracking MIIS Internship Experiences Around the Globe

Each year all the old pins are removed and it becomes a blank slate for new student adventures.

MIIS Match Darren and Shannon medium
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Shannon Tumanut and Darren (Joe) Cunningham: A Match Made at MIIS

For Shannon and Joe, a group project on “Romancing the Germans” was the beginning of a lasting love story.

Third Thursday Monterey
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Third Thursdays: New Alumni Tradition is a Big Hit

Regular alumni networking events on the third Thursday of the month are becoming a hit in several cities.

Lead story - El Salvador Student Interacting
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Major Gifts to Boost Language & Immersive Learning

Spring in the Monterey Bay area brought new growth to more than just the artichoke fields, as a pair of anonymous gifts totaling $4.1 million promised to greatly expand opportunities for MIIS students.

Laura Burian Michelle Obama China
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Professor Burian Interprets for First Lady in China

Monterey Institute Professor Laura Burian (MATI ’98) interpreted for Michelle Obama during the First Lady’s March visit to China.

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