MIIS Match: Over Time and Distance, Love Took Root

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Molly and Kelley miis crew (1)Molly Lineberger (MBA ’03) and Kelley Calvert (TESOL PCMI ’05) both enrolled as students at the Monterey Institute in the fall of 2002. They first met at a club event and became friends, but busy schedules prevented them from seeing much of each other. In 2003, Kelley departed for her Peace Corps service in Benin and Molly graduated.

By the time Kelley returned from her Peace Corps service in 2005 to complete her coursework for TESOL, Molly had taken a position as an enrollment manager at MIIS. Kelley later began working in the ESL program as an English language instructor. Back in Monterey, Molly and Kelley became fast friends and enjoyed meeting up after work for coffee.

Kelley always encouraged Molly in her dreams to work overseas, and finally in 2008 that became a reality when Molly left for Jordan as part of the Emerging Markets Development Advisors Program. That is when their epistolary relationship began, writing letters to share experiences like Molly’s travels in the Middle East, and Kelley’s three-month adventure of driving a bio-fueled car across the United States.

Molly and Kelley miis matchIn 2009, Molly left Jordan for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She spent six months learning about the country and experiencing its “amazing” culture before the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 devastated the country. “Living through the earthquake provided me with some major insights into my life,” Molly says. “First of all, I was so grateful that I was alive and safe and able to help others as an employee at a humanitarian aid organization. Second, and on a much more personal level, I realized that I didn’t want to continue living around the world all by myself. I wanted to settle down and get married and have a family, something I never realized I wanted before. Seeing Haitian families take care of one another during this crisis made me realize how truly important family is.”

When Molly’s contract in Haiti ended two years later, she was offered her old position at MIIS again. Ten years after their first meeting, Molly and Kelley started dating and immediately were sharing their hopes for marriage and a family. On June 15, 2013, Molly and Kelley got married with friends and family present at Molly’s childhood home in Seeley Lake, Montana. They are expecting their first child in November.

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