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Innovator of the Year
MIIS Student and Professor Win $50,000 Award
June 23, 2014, No Comments

“A supportive culture of innovation exists at MIIS,” says Professor Jeffrey Langholz of the International En ...

Spring break DC
Spring Break in DC: The Traditions Continues!
June 20, 2014, No Comments

In its second year, the DC networking trip is fast becoming an established tradition for Monterey Institute students and ...

CNS - CIF group
CNS Update: A Tale of Two Conferences
June 19, 2014, No Comments

Staff from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) played notable roles at two very different confere ...

NOEP press conference
Congressman Farr Praises Ocean Economics Program Report
June 19, 2014, No Comments

Presenting the 2014 State of the U.S. Ocean and Coastal Economies report at a March 10 press conference in Monterey, Dr. ...

Social Impact
New Center for Social Impact Learning Announced
June 19, 2014, No Comments

In May, the Institute announced the establishment of a new Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL). The center will bri ...

Mike Gillen with Student
The Distinct Music of Professor Mike Gillen
June 19, 2014, No Comments

Mike Gillen is a rare bird – not only does he have degrees from both the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies and the ...

Cyber Security Forum Focuses on Russia & Ukraine
June 19, 2014, No Comments

Experts on cyber security and its role in the ongoing Ukraine crisis were featured at an April 17-18 forum hosted at the ...

Ukraine Crisis Hits Home for MIIS Student, Professor
June 19, 2014, No Comments

“The hardest part is being away from my family,” said Monterey Institute student Nadiya Gapotchenko (MATI ’14) thi ...

Katharine Punteney - Myanmar
Prof. Katherine Punteney: Helping Universities in Myanmar Connect with the World
February 27, 2014, No Comments

As Myanmar makes the challenging transition from authoritarian rule to a democratic political system, and from a largely ...

META Lab Marries Data-Crunching with Real-World Policy Analysis
February 27, 2014, No Comments

The Mixed-Methods Evaluation, Training and Analysis (META) Lab is the newest research initiative at the Monterey Institu ...

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