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MIB - Weber and alumni
MIIS in Brief Fall 2014
October 8, 2014, No Comments

Current student Jordan Sanchez (MAIEP ’15) got a firsthand look at the legislative process in action when he traveled ...

MIB - TI contest winners
MIIS in Brief Spring 2014
June 23, 2014, No Comments

Monterey Institute student Wesley Laine (MAIPS ’14)—whose cholera prevention project in Haiti earned him a speaking ...

MIIS in Brief Winter 2014
March 4, 2014, No Comments

Dr. Avner Cohen, professor of nonproliferation studies at MIIS, senior fellow with the James Martin Center for Nonprolif ...

MIB - babies - Coe
MIIS in Brief Fall 2013
October 25, 2013, No Comments

The Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program (MonTREP) received a $20,000 grant from the Lynde and Harry Bradl ...

MIIS in Brief Spring 2013
June 20, 2013, No Comments

A team of four second-year students evaluated the management regime of the Spanish Cabrera Archipelago National Park in ...

MIIS in Brief Winter 2013
February 27, 2013, No Comments

In October, the Monterey Institute was among only a handful of universities outside Europe invited to the European Parli ...

Fall brief
MIIS in Brief Fall 2012
October 4, 2012, No Comments

We’re never surprised when we hear about Monterey Institute graduates playing significant roles in major international ...

IOC mute booth group
MIIS in Brief Summer 2012
June 7, 2012, No Comments

Former dean of Translation and Interpretation (and current GSTILE adjunct professor) Wilhelm (Bill) Weber was able to ar ...

MIIS in Brief Winter 2012
February 11, 2012, No Comments

Professor Wei Liang was quoted in a U.S. News & World Report article (“U.S. Economic Woes Put China in the Politic ...

5910554292_c745474a25 (1)
MIIS in Brief Fall 2011
October 27, 2011, No Comments

In March the Institute announced that, under the terms of a memorandum of understanding, the Organization of American St ...

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