2017 At a Glance

Dr. Jan Black and a second faculty member will be leading this J-Term Practicum offering. Cuba has much to teach about the costs and benefits of revolution and the costs and benefits of integrating belatedly a now globalized economy. The nature of the relationship between Cuba and the U.S., the relentless continuity despite dramatic change in the world around them, gives away the predominance in both countries of domestic interests and domestic politics in the design and execution of foreign policy.

There are 15 spots available for this practicum.

Dates: January 10-20

Academic Credit: Option for no credit, two (2) units or four (4) units

This opportunity falls under Tier 3 of the Immersive Professional Learning Funding Guidelines. Apply by November 1st or December 1st to be considered for an award of $1,000 to offset the costs of this practicum.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that alumni are not eligible for IPL Funding.

Contacts: for MIIS, Professor Jan Black, tel: 831-647-4180, jblack@miis.edu; Director of Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs Carolyn Taylor Meyer, cmtaylor@miis.edu; and Graduate Assistant Daniele Elizaire, delizaire@miis.edu.

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