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Speaker Series – David Aucsmith: 28 Jan 2014

28 January 2014: David Aucsmith, Senior Director of Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments, presented on “Cyber Security and Beyond.” In addition to providing a thorough evolution of the internet, technological devices and cyber threats, he focused on the … Continue reading

The Syrian Electronic Army: Mediums of Disinformatics

“We are just Syrian youths who want to defend their country against the media campaign that is full of lies and fabricated news reports” The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) most likely began at least in part as an outgrowth of … Continue reading

Russia Crowdsourcing It’s Cyber Security Strategy: Clever Experiment or Solicitation of Internet Restriction Freedoms?

On November 29, 2013 the Federation Council (CF) of the Russian Federation held parliamentary hearings on the draft of the Concept of Russia’s Cyber Security Strategy. Participants of the hearing, recognizing the significant security implications of the proposed cyber security … Continue reading

Flames of the Dragon: A Profile of the PRC’s Cyber Situation

Since February of last year when the Mandiant Report was released, China has been at the forefront of cyber security news. It has become apparent that the PRC is waging all-out economic warfare through the use of widespread cyber espionage, … Continue reading

Profile of Brazil’s Overall Cyber Security Situation

Brazil is often known for its coastal beauty but sadly it should also be recognized for its prolific cyber security concerns. According to Symantec, Brazil is listed as number 7 on their list of countries with the biggest cybercrime problems. … Continue reading

WHAT!!?! Single-Use Computer Passwords A Reality?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology just released an article about how Quantum Physics might allow us to start using secure, single-use computer passwords.  There are a lot a wild claims that are circulating with our approach to full-scale … Continue reading

One of Cyber’s Greats – Dr. John Arquilla

Here is a write-up for one of cyber security’s most important contributors, Dr. John Arquilla. Dr. John Arquilla is professor of defense analysis at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, author of Insurgents, Raiders, and Bandits: How Masters of Irregular Warfare … Continue reading

Highlands Group Recommended Reading List

Just in time for your holiday shopping, we are pleased to announce the Highlands Group 2013 Reading List. Each year the Highlands Group present a list of books that we would like to call to your attention as being noteworthy. … Continue reading

Successor to Blackhole Exploit Kit May Take Years to Emerge

The arrest of Paunch shut off the flow of updates to the highly popular crimeware infastructure support tool, the Blackhole Kit. Since then there have been a number of contenders for the lucrative crown. A new article at Threatpost speaks … Continue reading

DARPA is Trying to Turn Cyberwar Into Child’s Play

DARPA, as expected, is coming up with many new and inventive ways of trying to rethink the cyber security challenges that DOD is plagued with. First they have developed a series of free computer and mobile app based games that, … Continue reading

NASA’s New Program: Robots

NASA developed an advanced robot known as Valkyrie that competed in DARPA’s 2013 Robotics Challenge Trial. DARPA hosted the robot challenge at the Florida’s Homestead Miami Speedway this past December. Eight teams were selected to participate in a series of … Continue reading

FBI Asking Tech Vendors to Install Backdoors

Wickr’s Nico Sell has disclosed in a PCMag article that she was approached by the FBI at a security conference, and that an agent casually asked if she would be willing to install a backdoor for them in her company’s … Continue reading

Cyber: The Achilles’ Heel of Drones?

As Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) continue to advance and play an ever growing role in modern warfare, could cyber vulnerabilities pose a potential pitfall? With drone technology rapidly advancing and allowing for the production of truly autonomous UAVs, concerns over … Continue reading

The U.S.’s International Strategy for Cyberspace

The U.S.’s International Strategy for Cyberspace, released in 2011.

Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation

Russia’s Information Security Doctrine, released in 2000.

Spain’s Cyber Security Strategy

Spain’s Cyber Security Strategy, released in 2013.

The New Revolution: 3-D Printers

There has been much discussion about 3-D printers lately. Although 3-D printer technology is still in the early stages, many security experts believe that advanced, large-scale 3-D printers will likely revolutionize the battlefield, if not the world. Robert Beckhusen of … Continue reading

The Internet of Things – A Cause for Concern?

Bruce Schneier, the Chief Technology Officer of Co3 Systems and well-known security blogger, offers his two-cents on modern day security concerns for today’s interconnected world of computers. His article raises a lot of good questions and identifies some of the key … Continue reading

What to Expect in Cyber for 2014

Techday IT news published this article on their predictions for cyber trends to look for in 2014. We will see how good their crystal ball skills really are. – by Ben Volcsko, Research Assistant

How to Beat Goliath

If you were curious about how to take on an APT, check out this summary by Gartner, Inc., a private information technology research company. Released in September 2013, this report’s recommendations are short, sweet and informative. – by Ben Volcsko, Research Assistant