Monthly Archives: February 2014

Additional Activities – 24 – 28 February 2014

24 – 28 February 2014: MIIS CySec Research Assistants Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko attended the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco, California. The RSA Conference is a cryptography and information security-related conference that is vendor-independent and managed by RSA, … Continue reading

Additional Activities – 27 February 2014

27 February 2014: MIIS CySec Research Assistants Dan Gifford and Ben Volcsko attended Taia Global’s February 2014 Suits and Spooks cyber security collision in San Francisco, California.

Speaker Series – Dr. Linton Wells II: 14 Feb 2014

14 February 2014: Dr. Linton Wells II, Director of the Center of Technology & National Security Policy (CTNSP) at the National Defense University and Sharing to Accelerate Research – Transformative Information for Development and Emergency Support (STAR-TIDES), offered a guest … Continue reading

Point of Sale Target’ed, Millions of Credit Cards Scraped.

Early in December rumors began bouncing across cyberspace that retail giant Target had been hit in an extensive cybercrime scheme, wherein point of sale devices, (read here cash registers) had been infected with a program designed to steal credit card … Continue reading

Hotels May Become New Data Breach Point

A data breach appears to have hit White Lodging, a firm which manages hotel franchises for the Marriott, Hilton and Starwood Hotel chains. As reported by Brian Krebs, The breach appears to have struck computers in the restaurants and gift … Continue reading

New White House Initiative Pledges $750 Million for Student Technology

A new corporate initiative spearheaded by the White House has assembled a war chest of $750 million through donations from the business sector. The money will be used to ensure that “99 percent” of students receive strengthened access to technology … Continue reading

Mask/Careto Unmasked, Shadowy Spanish Spybots Slink into Sunset

Amid continuous revelations of a variety of “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT) hacking operations sponsored by nation states–among them Flame/Gauss/Duqu/Stuxnet, Red October, Comment Crew, Shamoon, Icefog and Dark Seoul– the major global players such as the US, Russia, and China have … Continue reading

Speaker Series – Dr. Orion Lewis: 7 Feb 2014

7 February 2014: Dr. Orion Lewis, Professor of Political Science at Middlebury College, presented on, “The Coverage of Conflict: The Role of Media in Insurgencies and Conflict Resolution.” This event was open to the public. It was co-sponsored by Middlebury … Continue reading

Speaker Series – Atif Mushtaq: 3 Feb 2014

3 February 2014: Atif Mushtaq, Senior Scientist and Malware Researcher for FireEye, presented on “Taking Down the World’s Largest Botnets”. Mr. Mushtaq explained his personal experiences in encountering and mitigating large-scale botnets, hackers, threat groups and cybercrime on behalf of … Continue reading