Summary of 2013 Malware Development

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HackSurfer just released a summary on malware development for 2013 based on the formal report from Panda Labs. Here are some of the key points from the summary:

  • Almost 32% of computers across the world found infected with malware.
  • There were 82,000 different malware strains that emerged in 2013.
  • Android Platforms remained the primary target for cyber criminals with nearly two million android based malware being created in the year of 2013.
  • Trojans were the biggest contributor in 2013 with 71.11% of all new malware.
  • The growth of new malware strains rose to 13.3% versus 9.67% in 2012 year.
  • China remained the most infected country in 2013 with 54.0% ratio.
  • Sweden was on the last position with least malware-infected countries.
  • 20% of all malware were created in the year of 2013.
  • The most popular virus families were Sality and Xpiro.
  • 30 million new malware variants were created in 2013.

2014 Prediction about Imminent Threats:

  • New malware variants can hit the market in 2014 that will compel to implement strong security parameters in organizations.
  • Java vulnerability will remain in 2014 due to countless security flaws and its high usage in the world.
  • Users will fall victim to cyber culprits due to social engineering techniques.
  • Android platform will remain on the top in malware spreading.
  • Ransomware malware will be on the top position in 2014 than Trojans and Botnets.
  • Corporate culture has to think beyond traditional antivirus product.
  • Hackers can target internet-connected device (Internet of Things) for attack purpose.

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