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Big Data Not A Cure-All In Medicine

Big data is a trendy term for the ever-expanding cloud of information that’s online and increasingly searchable. Some researchers say it could change the way medical research is done and the way individual doctors make medical decisions. Others say big data raises too many big questions — especially when it comes to medicine. Continue reading

Uber Responds to Senator Franken’s Privacy Concerns

The hail-a-ride start-up responds to concerns that it does not handle its rider data seriously enough. Continue reading

Feds Proposed the Secret Phone Database Used by Local Virginia Cops

New docs: Prosecutors offered one-stop shop for seized phone data in Virginia. Continue reading

Twitter Will Now Let You Search Every Tweet Ever Sent

Twitter is soon making it possible for users to search through every one of the half-trillion tweets sent over the past eight years. Continue reading

Big Data Companies Agree: Farmers Should Own Their Information

Farmers depend on “Big Data” these days, but some worry the companies collecting information about their operations might misuse it. New privacy guidelines are supposed to protect farmers’ interests. Continue reading

Americans Have ‘No Control’ of Data

A survey from Pew Research suggests that Americans have little confidence about their online privacy. Continue reading

Microsoft Wants To Mine Data Like A Social Network

Microsoft is going social. With more than a billion people using Office, the company hopes to gather data and create social tools to help users be more productive in their workplaces and lives. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Workday to Put Employees Through a Big Data Analysis

The same kind of data analysis behind a Netflix movie recommendation will analyze how people are working in your office. Continue reading

Facebook Government Requests Up 24%

Requests by governments for Facebook’s user data are up by nearly a quarter in the first half of the year compared to the previous six months. Continue reading

Appeals Court Is Urged to Strike Down Program for Collecting Phone Records

A conservative legal activist urged a federal appeals court Tuesday to strike down the National Security Agency’s program that collects Americans’ phone records in bulk.
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Researchers Tap Web Chatter To Figure Out Who’s Sick

With the help of online data, doctors and public health officials are tracking the spread of illnesses and predicting where they might strike next. The analyses also provide clues for prevention. Continue reading

Domino’s Becomes A Tech Company That Happens To Make Pizza

Advancements in online and mobile orders have become key ingredients for the company’s recent success. Domino’s innovations include an online pizza tracker and a voice-ordering app. Continue reading

IBM and Twitter Forge Data Partnership

IBM and Twitter announced a far-reaching alliance to apply data from the microblogging service to solve business problems. Continue reading

Bits Blog: IBM Teams Up With Twitter to Give Business a Gauge Powered by Social Media

The partnership seeks to harness Twitter messages as a way for businesses to make decisions based on real-time trends among the social network’s users.

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How Tech Can Protect You From Big Data

As our digital trails explode, privacy is being eroded. Two heavyweights in predictive analytics debated whether it’s possible to use data-mining technologies and protect privacy at the same time. Continue reading

Mac OS X Yosemite Sends Location, Search Data to Apple

Apple reportedly collects location and search data via Mac’s Spotlight feature. Continue reading

UK Builds Child Abuse Image Database

The UK is creating a national database of images of child sexual abuse seized during police raids on paedophiles and sites that trade in the content. Continue reading

Twitter Users Respond to ‘Experiments’

The social media site tests ways to make timelines “interesting or entertaining” and releases Audio Card. Continue reading

SMS Service Could Spot the Next Ebola Outbreak Zone

“We’ll be able to tell how many fever ‘code words’ have been sent from a particular area.” Continue reading

Bits Blog: IBM and SAP: A Cloud Pact That Solves Problems and Holds Promise

A partnership between the two giants suggests that the demand for cloud-delivered software from mainstream corporate customers is accelerating. Continue reading