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Michael J Fox Foundation Tests Sensors to Track Parkinson’s – 13 August 2014

13 August 2014 – “BBC Technology” Michael J Fox Foundation Tests Sensors to Track Parkinson’s. The Michael J Fox Foundation has teamed up with Intel to equip patients with smart watches. The watches allow more than 300 data points on … Continue reading

Wearable Users Tracked with Raspberry Pi – 1 Aug 2014

1 August 2014 – “BBC News” Wearable users tracked with Raspberry Pi. Those who use wearable technology to track their health can be traced with a raspberry pi, a device that costs roughly $70, security group Symantec discovers.

Novel Fingerprinting Technique Identifies Phones Using Accelerometer Data.

Hristo Bojinov and other researchers at Stanford have discovered a new way of digitally fingerprinting mobile devices. The method works off the fact that the accelerometers used in  smart phones all have unique measurement errors after rolling off the assembly … Continue reading

Tiny Botnet Makes Big Impact on Background Check Companies, ID Thieves Profit.

Security Researcher Brian Krebs has conducted an investigation of a number of identity theft portals active on the internet, where various ne’er-do-wells were able to purchase the personal information (social security numbers and full background check information) of anyone they … Continue reading

Germany’s CCC Hacks iPhone 5s TouchID

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) of Germany, founded in 1981 and one of the most visible global hacking collectives, has published the details of their successful hack of the new iPhone 5s biometric security fingerprint scanner (a system called TouchID). A member … Continue reading