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Canada Joins World Powers in Spying on Smartphone and Download Data

In North America, the Canadians have long had to play country mouse to the flashier city mouse of the U.S. It’s the latter that gets all the attention, while the former sits quietly in a corner. But recent stories have shown just how big a player the C… Continue reading

DEA Settles Fake Facebook Profile Lawsuit Without Admitting Wrongdoing

Agents created bogus profile in woman’s name in bid to nab other drug suspects. Continue reading

Police Radar Looks Through Walls

The use of a radar device that can see through walls has been questioned by privacy experts in the US. Continue reading

British Spy Agency Captured Journalists’ Messages Amongst 70,000 E-mails

GCHQ: “All types of news media represent a potential threat to security.” Continue reading

UK Prime Minister Wants Backdoors into Messaging Apps or He’ll Ban Them

In wake of Paris attacks, David Cameron targets encrypted communication services. Continue reading

After Charlie Hebdo Killings, EU Floats Terrorism Site Reporting (Again)

Ministers allude to the dead-on-arrival CleanIT project, which ended in 2013. Continue reading

F.B.I. Is Broadening Surveillance Role, Report Shows

Since 2008, the bureau has been assuming a larger role in the government’s warrantless surveillance program, according to a newly declassified report.
Continue reading

Feds Want Apple’s Help to Defeat Encrypted Phones, New Legal Case Shows

Prosecutors invoke 18th-century All Writs Act to get around thorny problem. Continue reading

The Challenge of Unmasking Net Users

How might the UK identify individual internet users? Continue reading

Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer

Piecing together new information from various researchers, it’s clear the ‘Regin” malware is one of the most sophisticated nation-state spy tools ever found. The post Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptograph… Continue reading

‘Stealthy’ Spyware Program Uncovered

Sophisticated malicious programs used to spy on individuals and businesses represent a “challenge” to security firms, say experts Continue reading

In Wake of Uber Privacy Scandal, Lyft Announces Data Restrictions

“Ride location data is restricted to an even smaller subset of people.” Continue reading

Local Judge Unseals Hundreds of Highly Secret Cell Tracking Court Records

Stingray docs unsealed by North Carolina judge could prompt wave of new appeals. Continue reading

Six Journalists Sue Over Surveillance by UK “Extremist” Police Unit

Intelligence unit keeps databases of activities of journalists, protestors. Continue reading

Feds Proposed the Secret Phone Database Used by Local Virginia Cops

New docs: Prosecutors offered one-stop shop for seized phone data in Virginia. Continue reading

Police Make Computer Hijack Arrests

Fifteen people have been arrested, including four in the UK, in connection with the hijacking of computers. Continue reading

Russian Site Lists Breached Webcams

Data privacy watchdogs are warning the public about a Russian website that provides links to breached webcams, baby monitors and CCTV feeds. Continue reading

Amnesty Releases Anti-spying Program

Amnesty International has released a program that can spot spying software used by governments to monitor activists and political opponents. Continue reading

Critical NSA Reform Bill Fails in the Senate

Tonight, the lame duck senate still run by the democrats voted on the USA Freedom Act, a bipartisan-backed bill to usher in NSA reform. The post Critical NSA Reform Bill Fails in the Senate appeared first on WIRED. Continue reading

‘Jihad Reporting’ Button for ISPs

The UK’s major ISPs commit to new measures to block online extremism, No 10 says, but ISPs say no specific agreement is yet in place. Continue reading