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Apple Prevails in Antitrust Suit Over iPod Music

In a class-action case that kicked around courts for a decade, a jury rejected claims that Apple acted to secure a monopoly over digital music. Continue reading

Europe’s Internet Use Surges

The number of Europeans who regularly use the Internet has doubled, to 65 percent of the 28-bloc’s 500 million inhabitants, since 2006, though there remains large differences in Internet usage within the 28-member bloc.
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Bits Blog: Uber Stumbles in Sydney Standoff

With the police cordoning off part of Sydney, Australia, over a hostage-taking on Monday, many who were stranded in the area were forced to pay roughly four times the normal Uber rate, according to complaints on social media. Continue reading

Tech Week: Instagram Vs. Twitter And Europe Vs. Google

Instagram beat Twitter on a key metric, but Twitter’s co-founder says he doesn’t care. And Google’s woes in Europe continued as the tech giant shut down Google News in Spain over a new law there. Continue reading

Vietnam arrests anti-China blogger for posting ‘bad content’

Vietnam arrests anti-China blogger for posting ‘bad content’

Bits Blog: British Chancellor Proposes a ‘Google Tax’

George Osborne, the British chancellor of the exchequer, proposed a new 25 percent tax on the local profits of international companies, including tech giants like Google, Continue reading

Man Jailed For Facebook Revenge Porn

A man is jailed for posting revenge porn to Facebook, making him the first person to be imprisoned under a new Californian law. Continue reading

Feds Want Apple’s Help to Defeat Encrypted Phones, New Legal Case Shows

Prosecutors invoke 18th-century All Writs Act to get around thorny problem. Continue reading

Oops: After Threatening Hacker With 440 Years, Prosecutors Settle for a Misdemeanor

The defense attorney for one young hacker with ties to Anonymous argues prosecutors indicted his client on 44 baseless felony charges as an intimidation and smear tactic. The post Oops: After Threatening Hacker With 440 Years, Prosecutors Settle for a … Continue reading

FAA’s Proposed Drone Rules to Impose Heavy Limits on Commercial Use

Drones must fly during daylight hours and remain within the operator’s sight. Continue reading

Bits Blog: In Europe, a Resolution to Break Up Google

The nonbinding resolution could increase pressure on Europe’s the competition commissioner to bring formal charges against Google.

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New Web Data Powers Plan for Police

A law forcing communications firms to keep details that could help identify criminals using the internet is being planned by the home secretary. Continue reading

In Wake of Uber Privacy Scandal, Lyft Announces Data Restrictions

“Ride location data is restricted to an even smaller subset of people.” Continue reading

Europe’s Parliament “Poised to Call for a Break-up of Google”

“Unbundling” of search from other services considered in nonbinding resolution. Continue reading

“We Are Going to be Sued.” FCC Chairman Speaks on Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler hasn’t talked to Obama since president called for utility rules. Continue reading

Six Journalists Sue Over Surveillance by UK “Extremist” Police Unit

Intelligence unit keeps databases of activities of journalists, protestors. Continue reading

Seattle PD Cuts a Deal With Mass-Video Requestor, Institutes “Hack-a-Thon”

City said the original request put plans for police body-cams at risk. Continue reading

Google Tries Ad-free Net Experiment

Search giant Google has unveiled an experiment that lets people pay to visit sites rather than see adverts. Continue reading

Feds Proposed the Secret Phone Database Used by Local Virginia Cops

New docs: Prosecutors offered one-stop shop for seized phone data in Virginia. Continue reading

Iran frees ‘Blogfather’ Derakhshan

Iran’s Supreme Leader has pardoned the pioneering Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan after six years in prison, Iranian media report. Continue reading