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How Hackers Could Slam on Your Car’s Brakes – 1 August 2014

1 August 2014 by Erica Fink – “CNN Money” How Hackers Could Slam on Your Car’s Brakes. Researchers have released a list of the most hackable vehicles among 20 different models compared. The study looked at the technical configurations of the cars to … Continue reading

StubHub Wasn’t Hacked. But Its Users Were.- 24 July 2014

24 July 2014 by Andrea Peterson – “The Washington Post” StubHub Wasn’t Hacked. But Its Users Were. Recent reports of ticket resale Internet company StubHub being hacked are misleading. Though their user’s data was compromised, this was not another case of … Continue reading

Hotels May Become New Data Breach Point

A data breach appears to have hit White Lodging, a firm which manages hotel franchises for the Marriott, Hilton and Starwood Hotel chains. As reported by Brian Krebs, The breach appears to have struck computers in the restaurants and gift … Continue reading

Mask/Careto Unmasked, Shadowy Spanish Spybots Slink into Sunset

Amid continuous revelations of a variety of “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT) hacking operations sponsored by nation states–among them Flame/Gauss/Duqu/Stuxnet, Red October, Comment Crew, Shamoon, Icefog and Dark Seoul– the major global players such as the US, Russia, and China have … Continue reading

Profile of Brazil’s Overall Cyber Security Situation

Brazil is often known for its coastal beauty but sadly it should also be recognized for its prolific cyber security concerns. According to Symantec, Brazil is listed as number 7 on their list of countries with the biggest cybercrime problems. … Continue reading

Successor to Blackhole Exploit Kit May Take Years to Emerge

The arrest of Paunch shut off the flow of updates to the highly popular crimeware infastructure support tool, the Blackhole Kit. Since then there have been a number of contenders for the lucrative crown. A new article at Threatpost speaks … Continue reading

Exploring the Intersections of Technology, Crime, and Terror

An excellent article by Michael J. Holt, a Professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University, detailing the intersection of cybercrime and terrorism. As we know, criminals and terrorist share many commonalities, differing primarily in their motivation. However when it … Continue reading