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WHAT!!?! Single-Use Computer Passwords A Reality?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology just released an article about how Quantum Physics might allow us to start using secure, single-use computer passwords.  There are a lot a wild claims that are circulating with our approach to full-scale … Continue reading

The Internet of Things – A Cause for Concern?

Bruce Schneier, the Chief Technology Officer of Co3 Systems and well-known security blogger, offers his two-cents on modern day security concerns for today’s interconnected world of computers. His article raises a lot of good questions and identifies some of the key … Continue reading

Adobe’s Credential Security Failure is Impacting Other Web Services, Becoming Password Cracker’s Dream Come True

The breaches in Adobe’s databases, which were exposed by Hold Security and publicized by security journalist Brian Krebs have continued to have significant impacts beyond the company itself. In addition to the public release of extensive amounts of source code … Continue reading

Troubles with TOR

The Onion Router has long been thought to be one of the best methods for maintaining anonymity of internet traffic, and has even been assailed by the NSA as a hard problem, leading them to use workarounds to circumvent the network … Continue reading

Taiwan’s Citizen Smart Card Plan Compromised by Bad RNGs

In a recent paper compiling a few years of ongoing research, an international team has described the methods they used to find the cryptographic keys of 184 out of 2 million smart card certificates issued to the Taiwanese public by … Continue reading

RSA warns against use of DUAL_EC_DRBG

RSA, an internet security firm, has warned customers against using the DUAL_EC_DRBG random number generation algorithm which they distributed with some of their products. The warning comes after the algorithm has been singled out as compromised by the NSA in … Continue reading

Stealth Hardware Trojans Able to Defeat Encryption Systems

Four researchers from the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany have published a paper establishing the feasibility of creating difficult to detect hardware trojans. The trojan is made during the manufacturing process by failing to properly dope a portion … Continue reading

The Running of the Cyber-Bulls

Recent documents released by NSA leaker Edward Snowden have revealed the existence of a classified NSA program, codenamed Bullrun, which purports to be be able to defeat the encryption standards, such as SSL, that underlie commerce and confidentiality on the world … Continue reading