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Bits Blog: Symantec Discovers ‘Regin’ Spy Code Lurking on Computer Networks

The security company indicated that a powerful program that could only have been created by a “nation state” has been finding its way into computer systems for six years.

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Facebook’s Auto-playing Videos in an ISIS Era

Want to avoid accidental video views? Don’t expect easy opt-outs or warning tags. Continue reading

Bits Blog: What Cloud Computing Means to Your Job

The next big technology migration will change how workplaces are organized. Bad news, middle managers: You’re going to get less important.

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Craigslist DNS Hijacked, Redirected at Infamous “Prank” Site for Hours

Craigslist CEO: domain registrar was compromised, sending traffic to “various sites.” Continue reading

FAA’s Proposed Drone Rules to Impose Heavy Limits on Commercial Use

Drones must fly during daylight hours and remain within the operator’s sight. Continue reading

The Challenge of Unmasking Net Users

How might the UK identify individual internet users? Continue reading

Four-year-old Comment Security Bug Affects 86 Percent of WordPress Sites

Bug allows script attack that could be used to hijack sites or attack visitors. Continue reading

Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer

Piecing together new information from various researchers, it’s clear the ‘Regin” malware is one of the most sophisticated nation-state spy tools ever found. The post Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptograph… Continue reading

Bits Blog: In Europe, a Resolution to Break Up Google

The nonbinding resolution could increase pressure on Europe’s the competition commissioner to bring formal charges against Google.

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‘Stealthy’ Spyware Program Uncovered

Sophisticated malicious programs used to spy on individuals and businesses represent a “challenge” to security firms, say experts Continue reading

Highly Advanced Backdoor Trojan Cased High-profile Targets for Years

“Backdoor Regin” bears a resemblance to Stuxnet, was developed by a wealthy nation. Continue reading

New Web Data Powers Plan for Police

A law forcing communications firms to keep details that could help identify criminals using the internet is being planned by the home secretary. Continue reading

NSA Director: China Can Damage US Power Grid

NSA Director: China can damage US power grid

Obama Will Likely Enact Panel’s Advice on Blunting Cyber Risks

Obama Will Likely Enact Panel’s Advice on Blunting Cyber Risks  

In Wake of Uber Privacy Scandal, Lyft Announces Data Restrictions

“Ride location data is restricted to an even smaller subset of people.” Continue reading

Europe’s Parliament “Poised to Call for a Break-up of Google”

“Unbundling” of search from other services considered in nonbinding resolution. Continue reading

“We Are Going to be Sued.” FCC Chairman Speaks on Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler hasn’t talked to Obama since president called for utility rules. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Malicious Software Said to Spread on Android Phones

Lookout, a security company, says it has been tracking malware that over the last two years has become more sophisticated as it hit millions of devices. Continue reading

Target to Judge: Banks’ Losses in Our Card Breach Aren’t Our Problem

Files in federal court to have banks’ data breach suit thrown out. Continue reading

Local Judge Unseals Hundreds of Highly Secret Cell Tracking Court Records

Stingray docs unsealed by North Carolina judge could prompt wave of new appeals. Continue reading