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CurrentC, Retailers’ Trial Payment System, Is Hacked

CurrentC, a payments system backed by retailers that rivals Apple’s new offering, said hackers stole the email addresses of some people participating in the consortium’s pilot project. Continue reading

Latest Android Encrypted by Default, Adds “Smart” Device Locking

Google reveals features designed to make Android “Lollipop” more secure Continue reading

Apple Pay Rival MCX Open to Other Technology

A group of retailers known as the Merchant Customer Exchange said that it could yet decide to use the technology that Apple Pay relies on to process transactions. Continue reading

Apple Looks to Sell iPhone in Iran

Apple is in preliminary contact with Iranian distributors about possibly selling the iPhone in the country. Iran has 77 million people, but the market is fraught with obstacles. Continue reading

Twitter Loses a Top Engineer and an Analytics Manager

One of Twitter’s key engineers has flown the coop. Continue reading

FTC Says AT&T Misled Customers About ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission says AT&T slowed data speeds for 3.5 million customers, sometimes up to 90 percent. Continue reading

Online Dating Site Used Fake Profiles To Get Members To Upgrade Service

The Federal Trade Commission is making JDI Dating pay more than $600,000 to users who were scammed into paying for upgraded accounts after receiving messages from fake profiles. Continue reading

Machine Learning: Bluetooth Smart Improvements Appear in More Devices

An update made in 2010, also called Bluetooth 4.0, uses less power and has better pairing capability. Continue reading

Bits Blog: IBM Teams Up With Twitter to Give Business a Gauge Powered by Social Media

The partnership seeks to harness Twitter messages as a way for businesses to make decisions based on real-time trends among the social network’s users.

Continue reading

Close To 100,000 Hungarian Demonstrators Protest Internet Usage Tax

Critics of the tax said this is a government attempt to create a “digital iron curtain” around Hungary. The government said it was just extending taxes it places on phones. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Reddit Opens a Crowdfunding Site

An initiative from the popular online community site could potentially turn into a revenue stream. Continue reading

Self-driving Cars Are Starting to Evolve

It’s mainly the policy, not the technology. Continue reading

How Tech Can Protect You From Big Data

As our digital trails explode, privacy is being eroded. Two heavyweights in predictive analytics debated whether it’s possible to use data-mining technologies and protect privacy at the same time. Continue reading

Bits Blog: HP Unveils Plan to Make 3-D Printing an Everyday Thing

The company, which made a fortune on conventional printers, has long been expected to go into 3D printing, which is still a small market. Continue reading

Software ‘Predicts’ Gang Violence

London’s Metropolitan Police test software designed to predict which gang members are most likely to commit violent crimes. Continue reading

Microsoft Wraps up Its Layoffs with Another 3,000 Cuts

Almost all of the 18,000 job losses have been made now. Continue reading

Pennsylvania State Cops Borrow, then Return, Spy Blimp to Aid Manhunt

State Police: “It’s best suited for open spaces, not heavily wooded forests.” Continue reading

Navigate a Drone too Close to a Stadium, Go to Jail

FAA prohibits pilots from flying under 3,000 feet and within three miles of stadiums. Continue reading

Disruptions: Tinder, the Fast-Growing Dating App, Taps an Age-Old Truth

When it comes to dating, research shows, looks are all that matter, at least initially, something Tinder has taken full advantage of. Continue reading

Hackers Swipe E-mail Addresses from Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC

Retailer-backed MCX messaged participants notifying them of the breach. Continue reading