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FBI Asking Tech Vendors to Install Backdoors

Wickr’s Nico Sell has disclosed in a PCMag article that she was approached by the FBI at a security conference, and that an agent casually asked if she would be willing to install a backdoor for them in her company’s … Continue reading

The Malware of Things

A pair of dueling intelligence exploitation revelations have given the ongoing Snowden releases a run for their money. The first is the allegation that Russia provided poisoned gifts to delegates at the G20 summit. The complementary USB sticks and telephone … Continue reading

Novel Fingerprinting Technique Identifies Phones Using Accelerometer Data.

Hristo Bojinov and other researchers at Stanford have discovered a new way of digitally fingerprinting mobile devices. The method works off the fact that the accelerometers used in  smart phones all have unique measurement errors after rolling off the assembly … Continue reading

Intel’s Resident Anthropologist Questions Society’s Readiness for Pervasive Wearable Computing

In an excellent interview posted on MIT’s Technology Review, Anthropologist Genevieve Bell questions if society is ready for the new wearable computing devices such as Google’s Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Her arguments focus on the intersection of the functional … Continue reading

Furloughed Gov Workers Experience a Digital Separation

The Washington Post reports that many US Government employees will have to turn in their government issued Blackberrys during the government shutdown. This is to prevent them from doing work or conducting official business such as sending emails while the non-essential … Continue reading

Privacy Concerns Amid New Wearable Devices

Hayley Tsukayama has written an article for the Washington Post about new privacy concerns brought on by recent devices such as Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Glass has already attracted a number of preemptive bans on its use in … Continue reading

Germany’s CCC Hacks iPhone 5s TouchID

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) of Germany, founded in 1981 and one of the most visible global hacking collectives, has published the details of their successful hack of the new iPhone 5s biometric security fingerprint scanner (a system called TouchID). A member … Continue reading