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Carrying Two Phones Is the New Black

How a fashion-conscious tech minimalist came to embrace toting a smartphone and a flip phone—and figured out how to do so with style. Continue reading

State of the Art: Amazon’s Grand Design in Devices

The overall strategy behind the retailer’s hardware lineup appears puzzling. Its devices sound fantastic in theory but often fall short.

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Samsung, Apple Lose Ground in Smartphone Race

The erosion of Samsung’s and Apple’s dominance of the global smartphone market accelerated during the third quarter, as Chinese makers of low-cost phones continued to undercut the industry leaders, according to data from three market-share trackers. Continue reading

Latest Android Encrypted by Default, Adds “Smart” Device Locking

Google reveals features designed to make Android “Lollipop” more secure Continue reading

FTC Says AT&T Misled Customers About ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission says AT&T slowed data speeds for 3.5 million customers, sometimes up to 90 percent. Continue reading

Machine Learning: Bluetooth Smart Improvements Appear in More Devices

An update made in 2010, also called Bluetooth 4.0, uses less power and has better pairing capability. Continue reading

App Smart: Duolingo, Busuu and Other Apps Teach Languages on Phones

Plenty of smartphone apps offer worthwhile and entertaining lessons. Continue reading

Android Smartwatch ‘Runs for a Week’

New Android-powered smartwatches should last for a week or longer between charges thanks to their use of both e-ink and LCD screens. Continue reading

AT&T Accused of Deceiving Smartphone Customers With Unlimited Data Plans

The Federal Trade Commission said smartphone customers who signed up for an unlimited data plan often found their data speeds reduced if they were in the top 5 percent of users. Continue reading

Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie’ Is a Privacy-Killing Machine

Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie’ Is a Privacy-Killing Machine

Verizon Wireless has been subtly altering the web traffic of its wireless customers for the past two years, inserting a string of about 50 letters, numbers, and characters into data flowing between these customers and the websites they visit. The company—one the country’s largest wireless carriers, providing cell phone service for about 123 million subscribers—calls […]

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Virginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone Records

Virginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone Records

While revelations from Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency’s massive database of phone records have sparked a national debate about its constitutionality, another secretive database has gone largely unnoticed and without scrutiny. The database, which affects unknown numbers of people, contains phone records that at least five police agencies in southeast Virginia have been […]

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How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri

How one 13-year-old boy with autism became B.F.F.’s with Apple’s Siri Continue reading

‘Secret’ App Denies Tracking Claims

Whisper, an app designed for people to share secrets anonymously, denies reports that it has been tracking users by location. Continue reading

SMS Service Could Spot the Next Ebola Outbreak Zone

“We’ll be able to tell how many fever ‘code words’ have been sent from a particular area.” Continue reading

Railways ‘Dead Zones’ for Mobiles

A comprehensive study of mobile connectivity on railways reveals much of the network is a dead zone for commuters Continue reading

Bits Blog: Reddit Debuts an Official Mobile App

After nearly 10 years, an online messaging board with 174 million regular monthly users is focusing on its mobile efforts. Continue reading

The Secure Smartphone that Won’t Get You Beaten with Rubber Hoses

A new take on the secure smartphone, with a secure messaging app to go with it. Continue reading

Anti-Ebola text tech set to expand

Charities plan to expand a system that allows Ebola advice to be texted to mobile phones located inside a specific contagion zone. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Links to Photos Said to Be Stolen From Snapchat Users Flood Message Boards – 10 Oct 2014

Just weeks after a celebrity hacking scandal, members of an anonymous online message board claimed to have accessed hundreds of thousands of photographs of noncelebrities. Continue reading

Snapchat Can’t Stop the Parasite Apps That Screw Its Users

Snapchat Can’t Stop the Parasite Apps That Screw Its Users

Snapchat has long been one of the favorite piñatas of the privacy crowd, criticized for encouraging teens to send nude pictures with dubious promises of ephemerality. But as the seedier corners of the Internet buzzed Friday over news of a 13 gigabyte leak of Snapchat messages, the service has pointed the finger instead at an […]

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