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Bits Blog: A Look Behind the Snapchat Photo Leak Claims

Three men who built a tool called Snapaved to store images from the messaging service have come forward to offer details of how a recent theft of thousands of private photos occurred. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Privacy Questions Emerge for the Social App Whisper

The social network, which allows users to post updates without using their real names, is facing criticism that it promises more privacy than it’s capable of delivering.
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Twitter Users Respond to ‘Experiments’

The social media site tests ways to make timelines “interesting or entertaining” and releases Audio Card. Continue reading

Whisper CTO Says Tracking “Anonymous” Users Not a Big Deal, Really

Says Guardian article was “laughable,” then gets schooled by Moxie Marlinspike. Continue reading

When Disaster Strikes, Facebook Lets Friends Know You’re OK

Facebook’s newest tool, known as Safety Check, aims to allow people to quickly alert friends and family that they are safe after a natural disaster. Continue reading

BBC Launches WhatsApp Ebola Service

BBC launches Ebola public health information service on WhatsApp, aimed at users of the service in the worst-affected countries. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Reddit Debuts an Official Mobile App

After nearly 10 years, an online messaging board with 174 million regular monthly users is focusing on its mobile efforts. Continue reading

Parents Face Defamation Trial Over Fake Facebook Page their Kid Made

Page included graphic sexual content, was allowed to remain up for a year. Continue reading

Snapchat Photo Leak Site Shut Down

A website that was set up to host thousands of pictures and videos taken from Snapchat is shut down. Continue reading

Snapchat And Dropbox Breaches Are Really Third-Party-App Breaches

While troves of data from the ephemeral messaging app Snapchat and the cloud storage provider Dropbox were leaked, the companies put the blame elsewhere. Continue reading

Bits Blog: French Bank to Allow Sending Money With Tweets

Groupe BPCE, one of the country’s largest banks, will introduce a service that will link individuals’ Twitter accounts to the bank’s existing money transfer service.
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7 million Dropbox Username/Password Pairs Apparently Leaked [Updated]

It’s time to change your password… again. Continue reading

The Media Equation: YouTube Takes Manhattan – 10 Oct 2014

A studio that YouTube is opening in Manhattan will bring the company in proximity to more traditional creators of media content, along with a huge new pool of talent. Continue reading

Bits Blog: Links to Photos Said to Be Stolen From Snapchat Users Flood Message Boards – 10 Oct 2014

Just weeks after a celebrity hacking scandal, members of an anonymous online message board claimed to have accessed hundreds of thousands of photographs of noncelebrities. Continue reading

Twitter Is Suing The U.S. Over Free Speech (Its Own)

Twitter sued the federal government because it stopped the tech company from disclosing government requests for user information. Twitter says the current disclosure rules aren’t transparent enough. Continue reading

Snapchat Can’t Stop the Parasite Apps That Screw Its Users

Snapchat Can’t Stop the Parasite Apps That Screw Its Users

Snapchat has long been one of the favorite piñatas of the privacy crowd, criticized for encouraging teens to send nude pictures with dubious promises of ephemerality. But as the seedier corners of the Internet buzzed Friday over news of a 13 gigabyte leak of Snapchat messages, the service has pointed the finger instead at an […]

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Nude ‘Snapchat Images’ Put Online – Oct 10, 2014

Explicit images believed to have been sent through Snapchat are reportedly put online, but the firm says its servers were not breached. Continue reading

VIDEO: Twitter Founder Talks ‘Evolving’ Media

BBC Click talks to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about the growth of social media. Continue reading

Why Rumors Outrace the Truth Online- 29 September 2014

29 September 2014- The New York Times Why Rumors Outrace the Truth Online

Hong Kong Protesters Flock to Off-Grid Messaging App- 29 September 2014

29 September 2014- The New York Times Hong Kong Protesters Flock to Off-Grid Messaging App