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Drone Maker to Add No-Fly Firmware to Prevent Future White House Buzzing

Obama calls for new drone regs after drunken intel employee’s ill-fated drone op. Continue reading

Drunken Spy Satellite Agency Employee Crashed Drone on White House Lawn

Off-duty NGA worker piloted friend’s Phantom drone into tree. Continue reading

A Drone, Too Small for Radar to Detect, Rattles the White House

A system to detect flying objects failed to pick up a small drone, raising questions about whether the Secret Service could bring down a similar object if it endangered the president. Continue reading

VIDEO: Drone Bird Aims to Take Flight

The miniature drone aims to mimic the movements of a bird Continue reading

Drug Drone Crashes on Mexican Border

A quadcopter drone carrying 3kg of illegal drugs crashes near the border between Mexico and the US. Continue reading

Feds Find Border Drones Don’t Actually Make Border More Secure

DHS OIG: “There is no reason to invest additional taxpayer funds at this time.” Continue reading

FAA’s Proposed Drone Rules to Impose Heavy Limits on Commercial Use

Drones must fly during daylight hours and remain within the operator’s sight. Continue reading

Google’s Project Loon Woos Telecom Giants

Some telecom analysts view Project Loon, Google’s effort to beam Internet signals from high-altitude balloons, as a threat to incumbent carriers. But Google wants to partner rather than compete, and some large wireless players have stepped forward. Continue reading

FAA Can Regulate Small Drones: NTSB Reverses Judge’s Ruling

Overturning a federal judge’s ruling that the FAA was wrong to fine a man $10,000 for flying a small drone, the NTSB says the agency can regulate such drones as “aircraft.” Continue reading

Gov’t Board: Like A Drone, Your RC Aircraft is Regulated by Law, so Pay up

Man must pay $10,000 fine for using remote-controlled flying wing. Continue reading

NTSB Rules Drones Subject to FAA Rules

The National Transportation Safety Board upheld a Federal Aviation Administration fine against a man for operating a drone recklessly, ruling drones are aircraft and subject to existing FAA rules. Continue reading

Drones Aren’t Toys, U.K. Regulators Warn

Regulators and legislators worry that people buying drones, or those that get such remotely piloted aircraft as gifts, may simply be unaware of the responsibilities that come with operating the system. Continue reading

Drones ‘Being Used to Harass People’

Unmanned drones are “undoubtedly” being used to harass people and it is difficult catching those responsible, police tell a House of Lords committee. Continue reading

DARPA Wants to Turn Existing Planes into Drone Motherships

Seeks ways to launch, recover “volleys” of drones in flight. Continue reading

China Says It’s Developed A Laser To Bring Down Drones

The laser, China said, can destroy small-scale drones flying at a low altitude. The U.S. tested a similar system, last year. It put it aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf. Continue reading

Navigate a Drone too Close to a Stadium, Go to Jail

FAA prohibits pilots from flying under 3,000 feet and within three miles of stadiums. Continue reading

VIDEO: Drone Rules ‘Not Being Enforced’

Strict regulations will need to be introduced before large drones are allowed to appear in the UK’s skies, pilots association Balpa has said. Continue reading

Rogue Albanian Drone Flies Over Serbian Soccer Stadium, Canceling Match

Political tension over Kosovo had led to away fans being banned already. Continue reading

Should Spy-planes Fight US Crime?

Hi-res surveillance system causes US controversy Continue reading

VIDEO: Racing Drones in the French Alps

BBC Click looks at some of the week’s technology highlights Continue reading