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Air Gaps – October 11, 2013

10/11/2013 Air Gaps

How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking – October 8, 2013

10/8/2013 – Arstechnica How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking

Mapping and Monitoring Cyber Threats – June 19, 2012

6/19/2012 – Recorded Future Mapping and Monitoring Cyber Threats

Recent Activity from The European Cyber Army (ECA)

Intelligence Analysis, the threat monitor for Recorded Future, detailed recent attacks and events linked back to The European Cyber Army (ECA) in a recent article. The group has also been linked to several campaigns against U.S. banks in recent months. … Continue reading

Turkey Thrashes Twitter, Leaks put Gov in a Twist

Amid deepening corruption scandals in Turkey, the Turkish Government has shut down access to a number of social media outlets, most recently Twitter, after Twitter failed to comply with their demands to censor links to wiretapped conversations of the inner … Continue reading

Point of Sale Target’ed, Millions of Credit Cards Scraped.

Early in December rumors began bouncing across cyberspace that retail giant Target had been hit in an extensive cybercrime scheme, wherein point of sale devices, (read here cash registers) had been infected with a program designed to steal credit card … Continue reading

New White House Initiative Pledges $750 Million for Student Technology

A new corporate initiative spearheaded by the White House has assembled a war chest of $750 million through donations from the business sector. The money will be used to ensure that “99 percent” of students receive strengthened access to technology … Continue reading

One of Cyber’s Greats – Dr. John Arquilla

Here is a write-up for one of cyber security’s most important contributors, Dr. John Arquilla. Dr. John Arquilla is professor of defense analysis at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, author of Insurgents, Raiders, and Bandits: How Masters of Irregular Warfare … Continue reading

Highlands Group Recommended Reading List

Just in time for your holiday shopping, we are pleased to announce the Highlands Group 2013 Reading List. Each year the Highlands Group present a list of books that we would like to call to your attention as being noteworthy. … Continue reading

The New Revolution: 3-D Printers

There has been much discussion about 3-D printers lately. Although 3-D printer technology is still in the early stages, many security experts believe that advanced, large-scale 3-D printers will likely revolutionize the battlefield, if not the world. Robert Beckhusen of … Continue reading

Estonia’s Cyber Security Strategy

Estonia’s Cyber Security Strategy, released in 2008 Plot Thickens

Brian Krebs’ investigation into the botnet which was being employed to steal background check data (see previous summary) has taken a darker turn as of late. Apparently, he has found the source code for a number of Adobe products on … Continue reading

Anonymous Unmasked

Gabriella Coleman, one of the preeminent researchers of “Hacker” culture and of the nebulous group known as “Anonymous” has published an excellent paper describing the history, origins and and elements of the group. She correctly places the seminal nexus of … Continue reading

China’s Great Firewall Comes Down for New Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Chinese officials are reportedly considering easing restrictions on visiting foreign social media sites. Inside the newly establish 20 square mile zone in Shanghai websites that have banned in the rest of the country since 2009, such as Twitter and Facebook, … Continue reading

Google Celebrates 15 Years

In the Menlo Park garage where it all began, Google executives celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company’s founding. Hard to believe Google is only 15, isn’t it?

NASA to Use a 3D Printer on the International Space Station

NASA will be sending a 3D printer to the ISS in the Fall of 2014, according to an article in the LA Times by Shan Li. The printer will allow astronauts to print new tools as needed, and to fabricate … Continue reading

AP and Google Fund Six 20k Scholarships in Digital and New Media

The Associated Press and Google announced the winners of six scholarships for journalism students studying at the intersection of journalism, computer science and new media. The scholarship program had a deadline for entry in February this year, and the program is likely to continue … Continue reading

IT Hubs Launched for Kenyan Primary Schools.

Microsoft, the British Council, and telecoms giant Bharti Airtel have worked together to construct 18 digital hubs for Kenyan primary school students. The computers should help students learn about technology and the internet, and each hub will be shared by … Continue reading