Making a Video Using IiMovie 2013:

Starting an Event/Project

  • File-> New Event -> Name Event
  • File-> New Movie-> No Theme/Same Name as Event/Tie it to the Event

How to import the recorded audio into iMovie

  • Plug in Flash Drive or transfer MP3 to desktop
  • Top ToolBar -> Import
  • Click on the file you need -> Import Selected
  • Highlight entire audio file and drag into project
  • Same rules apply for adding Music.
  • If you click on audio/voice track in timeline and put cursor over audio waves you get arrows pointing up or down which allow you to adjust the sound louder or softer

How to import photos and video into iMovie

  • Same as Audio
  • Top ToolBar -> Import
  • Click on the file you need -> Import Selected

How to edit photos into iMovie

  • Click on photo in project
  • Click on + symbol…automatically inserts photo into timeline
  • Default length is 4 seconds.
  • If you want to change length go to either end of the photo in the timeline…will get Icon with arrows in both directions…drag in the desired direction for shorter or longer length of photo.
  • Ken Burns zoom effect is automatic with iMovie…recommend leaving this on.
  • Click on next photo and repeat. iMovie will automatically insert that photo after the first photo and so on. However, if you want to move the photo in the timeline to a new location, just click and move it.  So you can reorder photos.
  • Gaps in photos in timeline do not mean anything. Just exist as a placeholder for transitions (if you use them)
  • Which leads to Transitions…lower left hand corner….Content Library…Transtions…use cross dissolves.
  • Default is 1.0 second…fine for this project.
  • Fade to black at end.

How to edit video into IMovie

  • Click on and highlight portion of video clip that you need.
  • Drag into timeline.
  • Just like photo…can tweak the length at the ends
  • Also, if you click on the video clip, and go over the wave forms, can adjust it louder or softer.
  • If you need to fix voice track to fit in video with sound…just adjust the end of the audio track.

How to add Credits/Titles at the end

  • Lower Left Hand Corner…Content Library…Titles
  • Scrolling Credits
  • Drag into timeline at end
  • Double click in timeline and that will give you the ability to edit
  • Click on words to change
  • Click on T to change font or size
  • Click on i to change length of scroll…default is 10 seconds.
  • Same rules apply for other Title features…can add at the beginning or at different spots in the video for transitions or to break up sections.

How to export video

  • Top ToolBar->Share
  • Choose File
  • Next
  • Video will be saved to Desktop