Excel Learning Series – Spring 2016

Are you looking to improve your Excel skills? Does the phrase Microsoft Excel make you nervous? Fear not friends, META LAB and the DLC are collaborating once again to provide a series of Excel workshops to support the MIIS community. The sessions will take place in CF442, Pac Lab from 11-12. All you need to bring is yourself! Your facilitator will be META Lab GA and Data Analysis Teaching Assistant: Mentru Nagbe. When used properly, Microsoft Excel can be an extremely powerful tool to display, organize, and analyze large data sets. The series will contain hidden tips and tricks in addition to exercises that will make you an Excel champion in no time.


  • Session 1: February 19, 11-12
  • Session 2: February 26, 11-12
  • Session 3: March 11, 11-12
  • Session 4: March 18, 11-12
  • Session 5: April 1, 11-12 

Sign Up

excel-signup-buttonTo get access to the learning series materials and receive information on future sessions, click the sign up button!


Session 1

  • cursor
  • cells
  • formula bar
  • tabs
  • worksheets
  • templates
  • fonts
  • copy and paste
  • wrap text
  • minitoolbar
  • quick Access Tool Bar-
  • status Bar
  • entering data
    • autofill
    • undo/redo
    • comments
    • save
  • formulas
    • writing formulas
    • copying formulas
    • $$$$$$


Lynda is an incredible online resource offering guided video tutorials and step by step instructions for all sorts of digital tools. As a member of the Middlebury community you have premium access. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit
  • Input your MIIS login credentials
  • Search “Excel Essential Learning”
MiddCreate Open House

Domain of One’s Own Open House

With a domain of your own, you can explore the creation and development of your digital identity in whatever way you choose. This year we are exploring how this environment can be used to share, collaborate on, and discuss our academic and professional work across Middlebury and beyond!

We are excited to let you know that Middlebury’s version of “Domain of One’s Own”—called “MiddCreate”—has been launched, and we are holding an open house so you can learn more!

At the open house you will learn more about the possibilities of having your own domain, see examples of how people have already been using MiddCreate, as well as look at samples from other schools’ Domain of One’s Own projects.

The Open House will be held in the Digital Learning Commons at MIIS, on Tuesday, February 9, from 2:00-3:00 PST​, while Amy Collier, the Associate Provost for Digital Learning, is visiting Monterey. Additionally, Adam Croom, the Director of Digital Learning at the University of Oklahoma, will be with us virtually to share some stories of how OU is successfully using Domain of One’s Own.

Email Evelyn Helminen ( or Amy Collier ( for more information.

Domain of One’s Own is an initiative of the Associate Provost for Digital Learning, in collaboration with the DLC.


The DLC is hiring GAs for Spring 2016!

Do you have a passion for learning and technology? Do you love flexing your community collaboration muscles and bringing groups of people together? Do you have, or are you looking to develop your technology and facilitation skills? How about an interest in how technology is reshaping the way we communicate and learn? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you just might be interested in working with the Digital Learning Commons during the academic year. The DLC is a campus hub for technology, innovation, and peer ­to ­peer teaching and learning. The DLC team supports faculty, staff, and students in mastering tools and technologies for academic, professional, and personal purposes. For more information and instructions on how to apply, check out the job description. The application period will close on Friday January 29 COB. For a sneak peek into the inner-workings of the DLC, check out the below video…



Digital Resource Drop-In Lab

Welcome back! DLC staff will be hosting daily drop-in hours during the week of January 25-29 for faculty and course teaching assistants to come by for help with getting Spring 2016 digital resources ready for the start of classes.

We are happy to assist with the following:

  • Reviewing your current use of digital resources, talking through new ideas you may have
  • Overview of Course Hub features and functionality (syllabus upload, linking to E-reserves, reviewing course rosters, creating a Moodle site, linking to other course resources)
  • Managing digital content in MIIS Moodle (
  • Importing archived digital content and activities in Moodle from previous term to current term
  • Reviewing common Moodle activity types for teaching (Discussion fora, quizzes, etc…)
  • Demonstrating digital media integrations (youtube, posting audio to Moodle fora, images)
  • General troubleshooting

Drop-in Lab Location & Times
Digital Learning Commons
McGowan Building at 420 Calle Principal or enter through 411 Pacific behind MG 102.

  • Monday, January 25 3-5:00pm
  • Tuesday, January 26, 9-11:00am
  • Wednesday, January 27, 2-4:00pm
  • Thursday, January 28, 9-11:00am
  • Friday, January 29, 9-11:00am

If these times do not work for you, please e-mail us at and we’ll do our best to follow-up with assistance.

WordPress Workshop J-term 2016

Hey new IEMers, need to submit your eportfolio url? Bring your laptops and come to one of our WordPress workshops in the DLC! We’ll help you create your site, set up your menu, add content, and more! The three sessions will cover the same content – seating is first come first serve.


  • create your url + site title
  • set your theme
  • create pages
  • add text + media
  • customize your menu


Google introduced a new logo September 1, 2015. The new, simplified, logo will appear on all Google platforms, including the mic which will help users identify and interact with Google whether talking, tapping or typing.

Make an Appointment

If none of these times work for you, you’re using a different platform, or you have follow up questions, you can always make an appointment with us through our website:

Resources is an incredible online resource offering guided video tutorials and step by step instructions for all sorts of digital tools. As a member of the Middlebury community you have premium access. Here’s how it works:Lynda Logo

  • Visit
  • Input your MIIS login credentials
  • Search: WordPress Essential Training

Alternative Platforms

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Middcreate


Course Hub graphic

Spring 2016 Course Hub Sites Available

Course Hub sites for the latest version of the Spring 2016 academic course catalog are available online. When you login to the Course Hub at look for “Spring 2016” courses in your “My Semester Dashboard” menu to the left.

Here are the top tasks you can perform in Course Hub as you begin to prepare for the Spring term:

1. Check your Course Roster
Review a dynamic course roster with student names and headshots
Video: How To View Class Roster

2. Upload your Syllabus
Provide students with your course syllabus before the first day of class
Video: How to Add Course Syllabus to Course Hub

3. Link your Course to a New Moodle Site
Set up a new (empty of content) Moodle site for the Spring term. You need to do this step even if you are planning to import content from a previous term
Video: How to Add a Moodle Resource in Course Hub.

4. Link Your Course Hub to Library E-Reserves
Simplify student access to your course Library E-Reserves
Video: How to add a Link to Library E-Reserves

5. Import & Re-purpose your Moodle Course Content from a Previous Term
Import or “rollover” Moodle course content from a previous term into a new Moodle resource for the current term. Complete task #3 above before your import.

6. Join Multiple Sections of a Course to a Single Moodle Resource
Faculty teaching multiple sections of a course can join students in these sections to a single Moodle site to help streamline management of content, communications, and activities
Web: Step-by-Step Instructions to Link Multiple Sections

7. Make your Moodle Site Visible to Students
By default, when a new Moodle resource is added to your Course Hub, the site is set to “not available to students“.
Web: Step-by-Step instructions to Update Moodle Resource Visibility

Additional Assistance for Importing Moodle Course Content From Previous Terms –AKA “Rollover”
Returning faculty who teach with MIIS iLearn (Moodle) should be more or less familiar with the Moodle Course “rollover” process of importing archived course content from previous terms into a new Moodle site. To request additional assistance with your course archive import, use the Moodle Archive Import Request Form. Expect a 3-4 day turn around on these requests.

You may also direct questions to or call Help Desk at (831) 647-6656.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.40.44 PM

DLC staff relocating to McGowan 210 suite during Dec-Jan Remodel

The Digital Learning Commons and Design Space will be closed from December 14 – mid-January and DLC staff (Mark Basse, Evelyn Helminen, Melissa Sorenson, Amy Slay, Bob Cole) will be relocating to the 2nd floor of McGowan Building in suite 210 near our friends in the META Lab and the Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL).

About the Remodel
Remodel of the upstairs balcony in the DLC open work environment will begin Monday, December 14. As you see in the 3D rendering above, the upstairs balcony rail will be removed and a set of two floor to ceiling 8′ wide storefront style windows will be installed. The upper window portion will be able to open and close allowing us to maintain a degree of flexibility and open-ness between the upstairs open work area and downstairs Design Space. The upstairs will be enclosed with additional floor to ceiling glass and a door located at the top of the internal staircase, just to the right of our red media booth. The remodel should provide improved acoustic separation between the two floors, increase natural light, and offer staff and MIIS community members new possibilities to experiment in collaborative co-working environments.  See additional sketch renderings below.

Remodel Construction Schedule
DLC staff are coordinating with Campus Facilities and the contractor on a construction schedule that we hope will minimize disruption for staff and those who may have plans to use the DLC in January.

  • DLC balcony remodel work will begin Monday, December 14.​
  • Contractors will work over winter break to install new bank of floor to ceiling windows
  • An on-schedule project is expected, though not guaranteed, to be completed by second week of January, 2016 – in time for Spring 2016 classes and community events

How to Contact DLC Staff
During the transition please contact DLC Staff Members via office e-mail or phone. You may also make appointments via our online appointment booking system or send us a query to

Additional 3D renderings:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.27.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.28.04 AM

All you keep’s the getting there


Time flew.  That must mean I was having fun!  

I started as a graduate assistant at the DLC in my first semester at MIIS.  Now, as I finish up my third semester at MIIS and the DLC, I’m heading off to IPSS in Chile and moving on from my GA role.  

When Evelyn walks me out to make sure I don’t steal anything, here’s what I’m taking with me:

An appreciation for collaboration 

At the DLC, I worked with almost all the other full-time staff and GA’s on workshops, projects, and daily appointments.  I learned and had fun from our teamwork, whereas I used to prefer working alone on projects. 


Evelyn had a weekly check-in where we went over how I was doing (in general and at the DLC), reviewed pending tasks, and planned upcoming work.  It helped a lot in staying productive, feeling accomplished, and balancing work duties. 

Sharing and accepting feedback

I’m generally a private person and work on things on my own (see above about collaboration).  The DLC is the opposite.  We put everything on display (see this blog post).  Thus, I’ve become more comfortable accepting feedback and I usually (sometimes) appreciate it.

Space is important

The DLC is open, flexible, and cheerfully painted/decorated.  I like being there.  It is jarring to me when I go to the drab office spaces upstairs in McGowan, or to the quiet cavernous halls on the first floor of McCone.  I also much preferred class in the DLC to any other classroom at MIIS. 

And somewhere along the way I got better at iMovie, started to use Garage Band and Audacity, learned Camtasia, switched to Keynote, made a WordPress site, and took 200 head shots. 

And so…actually, I’m not going to say goodbye to the DLC just yet, as I’m doing the International Digital Storytelling Project.  Everyone will be seeing more from me in the spring!