Last Chance for Head shots!

Need a professional-looking head shot photo for your LinkedIn profile or e-portfolio? Thursday, December 3rd, is the final day of head shots this semester for students on campus.

Offered through the DLC, we will be taking photos between noon-2:00 on a first-come, first-served basis on the patio between the Security shack and the Lara Soto Adobe. Come get your picture taken!


A professional head shot by Tom Stagg, for your LinkedIn and E-portfolios.

For Who

Open to all MIIS students. (*Note, faculty and staff are encouraged to get their professional photos taken through the Communications department.)


Headshots are happening December 3rd from 12:00-2:00 pm. 


They will be taken on the patio between the Lara Soto adobe and the security shack.

How to Sign Up

No sign up required. These head shots are on a first-come, first-served basis.


Email dlc@miis.edu.



Story Circle: “Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m a local”

DSC_1081What do you do when someone asks you the loaded question, “Where are you from……wait, where are you really from?” This can be a challenging question, especially in a world of multi and complementing identities. Borders and nationalities don’t necessarily define us; they are constructs, inconstant and potentially stifling.

The Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP), Committee for Intercultural Communication, and Committee for Diversity and Inclusion joined forces on Wednesday, November 11th to host the first Intercultural Story Circle event at the DLC to tackle this very question.  The Story Circle was meant to bring students and faculty together to explore themes of identity and belonging through story sharing.

articipants wrote out their rituals, relationships, and restrictions as inspirations for Story Circle sharing.

Participants wrote out their rituals, relationships, and restrictions as inspirations for Story Circle sharing.

The meeting started with a viewing of the TED Talk by writer and novelist Taiye Selasi, “Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m a local.” Participants used Selasi’s exercise of exploring ones rituals, relationships, and restrictions to tell stories of self and belonging.

Story circles are spaces where individuals can share personal experiences and stories, through a thoughtful, structured, and facilitated process. Story circles are powerful tools to develop trust, encourage expression and reflection, and generate collective problem solving and action.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.40.44 PM

Upstairs Remodel Scheduled for December & January

DLC staff are excited about scheduled plans to remodel the upstairs balcony in our open work environment. As you see in the 3D rendering above, the upstairs balcony will be removed and a set of two nearly floor to ceiling 8′ wide storefront style windows will be installed. The upper window portion will be able to open and close allowing us to maintain a degree of flexibility and open-ness between the upstairs and downstairs Design Space. The upstairs will be enclosed with additional floor to ceiling glass and a door located at the top of the internal staircase, just to the right of our red media booth.

Remodel Construction Schedule (as of Nov 17, 2015)
DLC staff are coordinating with Director of Facilities, Andrew Hernandez, and our contractor on a construction schedule that we hope will minimize disruption for our staff and for those who have plans to use the DLC in January.

  • DLC balcony remodel work will begin Monday, December 14.​
  • Contractors will work over winter break to install new bank of floor to ceiling windows
  • An on-schedule project is expected, though not guaranteed, to be completed by second week of January, 2016 – in time for Spring 2016 classes and community events

During construction, DLC staff will likely relocate to another location in the McGowan Building. Details about how staff can be reached will be updated once they are finalized.

Additional 3D renderings:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.27.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.28.04 AM


Roundtable on Multidisciplinary Learning

Have you participated in the on-campus Hult Prize competition? Do you want to submit a proposal to the Davis Projects for Peace?  Are you looking for faculty guidance on an immersive learning experience or other independent project, such as capstone or a directed study?

The DLC is involved in a collaborative effort between faculty, staff, and students to explore how multidisciplinary learning can be promoted on campus through campus-wide challenges, competitions, and other activities that stretch beyond classroom walls.

Come share your experiences or learn from other students, and influence how MIIS prepares students to address the complex issues we encounter on and off campus.

Story + Maps: Brown Bag Session

DSC_1049On Tuesday, November 10th, The DLC, CSIL, and the META Lab co-hosted a brown bag session on how mapping tools could be used to tell a story and communicate impact.

Institute alumni Andy Stieglitz and Aaron Ebner, founders of the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) in Peru, spoke about the work they did with ArcGIS Story Mapping to visually map out the communities in which they work, and present their research and stories in a more compelling way.


The META Lab also showcased their work using an open source mapping tool, specificity designed to showcase the global presence of CISIL’s Ambassador Corps program.

The event concluded with  Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP) Senior Fellows, who shared their J-terms plans to travel to Panama and work with youth on digital stories about local housing communities.

In attendance were students, faculty, and community partners that all had an interest in story mapping and GISS.

Additional resources and examples of GIS maps and storytelling:



Digital Storytelling Internship Info Session: Freedom from Hunger & MIIS Collaboration

The NGO Freedom From Hunger (FFH) is partnering with MIIS to develop internships for students to help create a pipeline of digital content for their outreach efforts. FFH will be hosting an information session on this initiative, the Digital Storytelling Internship Program, on Thursday November 19th. Students who are interested in international development work and digital storytelling are invited to attend.

The FFH Interns will work with NGO partners in Peru or Burkina Faso to provide fresh and authentic digital content about the beneficiaries and impacts of their work. Interns will live in communities served by FFH and will “report” from the field through daily blog posts, photos, and videos.

To find out more about the internship opportunity and requirements click here.

The info session will be held November 19th from 1:00pm – 2:00pm in Morse A101. Representatives from the Center for Advising & Career Services (CACS) and Immersive Learning will also be present to answer questions.

Team Development Consultant Leads Communication & Team Building Workshop

On Thursday, October 29th, the DLC brought team development consultant, Tritia Moneypenny to MIIS for a workshop on team building and communication.  Tricia facilitated several hands-on activities designed to get participants thinking about how leadership, learning styles, and communication can contribute to greater team synergy.


Participants use rope to tell a story

Activities included the ‘Story Rope’ exercise, which is a storytelling activity designed to facilitate better communication through connection and understanding. In this activity, participants used rope as a visual aid to illustrate a story they were telling partners. “Having my hands and mind occupied with moving the rope got me out of my head, and I worried less about opening up to new people,” said one participant.

Participants also played a game where the whole group had to move a ball using only string attached to a metal ring.  “It was interesting how different people have different styles of approaching tasks.  Some like to analyze and strategize, while others like to just get in and try things out.  For us, it was good to have a balance of both tactics,” said another participant.


Effective team work is an important skill both for students engaging in multiple group projects, as well as for professionals in the field. Effective communication and team work is not always intuitive, and all teams and leaders can benefit from developing theses capacities.








More Professional Headshots!

Back by popular demand!

Upgrade your LinkedIn and E-portfolios with a professional head shot by Taylor McCord. Open to all MIIS students, faculty and staff.

Day, Time and Place

Headshots are happening two days—November 12th from 12:00-2:00 pm & November 13th from 11:00-1:00 pm. They will be taken on the patio between the Lara Soto adobe and the security shack.

Sign Up

Sign up is recommended at go.miis.edu/headshots. Choose Other DLC Requests > Headshots > Taylor McCord.​

STORY + MAPS_digital sign

Story+Maps Brown Bag Lunch Nov 10

What: Story+Maps Brown Bag Lunch
When: Tuesday, November 10 | 12:15pm-1:30pm
Where: DLC Design Sp@ce

Join Institute alumni Andy Stieglitz and Aaron Ebner, founders of the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) in Peru, for a brown bag lunch focusing on using new media approaches to communicating the reach of organizations. The informal event is a space to share ideas and examples of how different mapping tools can be partnered with stories to convey impact. AASD will share the ArcGIS Story Map of their work, the Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL) will walk us through their Ambassador Corps map created with help from the META Lab, and Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP) Senior Fellows along with other immersive learning teams working on J-term project plans will brainstorm how maps might be used to help visualize their work in the field. We hope you’ll join us!

This event is a collaboration between the DLC, CSIL, and the META lab!

MORE MAPPING GOODNESS: Friday November 13 | 12-1pm
Follow-up with the META Lab team to learn more about working with open source mapping tools on Friday, November 13 from 12-1pm in the Pac Lab. Workshop Details here.

Creative Communication Lite.001

Creative Communication Workshop

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. – Paul J. Meyer

Join us for a workshop that takes a fun approach to the critical skill of communication. We are excited to welcome Tritia Moneypenny, a team development consultant, as our workshop facilitator. She will be bringing a variety of hands-on activities that will help participants think about communication from a range of perspectives. The workshop will be a chance to connect with others from across the MIIS community, practice your skills, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Friendly Plaza.

Thursday, October 29th, 1:00-2:00pm, Outside in Friendly Plaza (in front of Colton Hall)

There are limited spaces, so please use the sign up list below to secure your spot!

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets available at this time.