Spring 2015 Course Hub Sites Available for Moodle Rollovers/Imports

imgresCourse Hub sites for the current version of the Spring 2015 academic course catalog are now available online. When you login to the Course Hub at http://courses.miis.edu you will now see “Spring 2015” courses in the dashboard menu on the left. Please note that Fall 2014 courses will continue to appear when you click on “My Semester Dashboard” until the term is over.

Adding a new Moodle Site via Course Hub
To add a Moodle site, review the steps for Setting up a Moodle Resource in Course Hub.

Self-Service Steps For Importing Moodle Archives From Previous Terms
Last term we introduced a How-To Guide demonstrating and outlining the steps to complete the Moodle Course Archive Import process on your own. To fast track and complete this process on your own, watch the brief How-to Guide video and follow the steps for completing a Moodle course import: go.miis.edu/diyrollover

Assistance With Importing Moodle Course Content From Previous Terms – AKA “Rollover”
Returning faculty who teach with MIIS iLearn (Moodle) should be familiar with the Moodle Course “rollover” process of importing archived course content from previous terms into a new Moodle site. To request assistance with your course archive import, use the updated Moodle Archive Import Request Form. Expect a 3-4 day turn around on these requests.

You may direct questions to helpdesk@miis.edu or call Help Desk at (831) 647-6656.

headshots draft

Get Your Professional Headshot

Need a photo for LinkedIn, your e-portfolio or other professional uses?  Here’s your chance to get one!

Why do I need one?  “First impressions have always mattered, and in the past it was all about the handshake.  Now that we’ve entered the world of LinkedIn, virtual business, and online personal branding, a well-done headshot can be equally important as a firm grip.”

What should I wear? “The number one thing you should NOT wear is something that you are not comfortable in.  If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, this will be very apparent in your photos.  This isn’t the time to experiment.  What you want to convey in your photos is the best version of your authentic self, so wear what will represent the image you want the viewer to perceive…The number one consideration is to wear clothes that fit you well.”

More to think about:

Resource Reminder for the WordPress Workshops

WordPress Workshop Digital Sign

Heads up reminder from the DLC. If you happened to miss the WordPress Workshops, DLC GAs can still help you one-on-one with any questions, concerns, or dreams you may have for your website. But first give yourself some credit and start by teaching yourself what you need to know using Lynda. The link can be found below. Students outside the IEM program are welcome to book an appointment as well. To book an appointment please follow the link below. Happy Designing!


  • Lynda: go.miis.edu/lynda

Search: WordPress Essential Training

  • DLC

Make a one-on-one appointment: http://sites.miis.edu/dlc/appointment-request/

Alternative Web Development Platform

  • Wix
  • Weebly




Intro to Narrated Screen Capture Workshop!

Professors, want to turn your lecture slides into narrated videos?  Want to create tutorial videos for your students?

Students, need to record a presentation or Skype call for class?  Want to easily demo your work on your e-portfolio?

Why? With Camtasia, you can easily record, narrate, and edit your onscreen activity to create professional-quality videos.  Come learn the basics of narrated screen capture as well as how to share your videos.

When? October 7th, 1-2 PM

Where? DLC D-Space

How? The DLC has 6 computers with Camtasia software for you to use.  Computers will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis and may need to be shared within small groups.

Questions? Email us at dlc@miis.edu

Click here for some useful Camtasia resources!

“Poodll Anywhere” Moodle-based MP3 Audio Recorder Tutorial Uploaded on YouTube

For those of you that are looking to enhance your Moodle knowledge,  there’s a new tutorial video on YouTube explaining how to use an experimental Moodle plug-in called Poodll. Poodll is an easy-to-use Moodle-based voice recorder which converts audio recordings into a MP3 file, displayed as a mini audio player. Our tests suggest that it could be a great feature for engaging students in online speaking activities at home and sharing the recordings with the class. To see how Poodll works, please check out the video!

To download the latest version of Flash, click here.


Excel Learning Series

META LAB and the DLC are collaborating to provide a series of Excel workshops throughout the Fall 2014 semester to support the MIIS community.  Learning sessions will progress from introductory topics to more advanced tools and functions. Your facilitator will be META Lab graduate assistant and Data Analysis Teaching Assistant: Amer Shurrab.

Excel Learning Series: Weekly Topics to be Covered

  • Session #1: Friday, September 19, Location: CF 434
  • Session #2: Friday, September 26, Location: CF 434
  • Session #3: Friday, October 3, Location: CF 452
  • Session #4: Friday, October 24, Location: CF 452
  • Session #5: Friday, October 31, Location: CF 452
  • Session #6: Friday, November 7, Location: CF452
  • Session #7: Friday. November 14, Location: CF452
  • Session #8: Friday, November 21, Location: MG100

To help us plan for the series, REGISTER by filling out the survey below:

Lynda.com logoIf you’re interested in learning more about Excel, there are numerous web resources available. Lynda.com is an incredible online resource offering guided video tutorials and step by step instructions for all sorts of digital tools. As a member of the Middlebury community you have premium access. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit go.miis.edu/lynda
  • Input your MIIS login credentials
  • Search “Excel Essential Learning”

#IDSP15: J-Term Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project

The DLC is excited to be coordinating the Spring 2015 pilot #IDSP15 Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project. We have selected a pilot cohort of MIIS graduate students who are creative and curiosity-driven to learn digital storytelling and inductive research skills for the purpose of documenting immersive learning program experiences. Meet the 2015 IDSP15 Fellows.

#IDSP15 One-Pager – Download 1-Page #IDSP15 Infosheet [pdf]

New Appointment System at the DLC!

appointment-booking-screenshotWe have a new appointment system for booking one-on-one appointments with any of our team members in the Digital Learning Commons.

It’s a very straight-forward 4-step system, intended to make the appointment booking process smoother and easier for everyone.

See below for more details on how it works.

Click here to try it out and book an appointment with someone on our friendly team!

Step 1: Service

First, you pick the category that best matches your need. The five categories are:

  1. Audio & Video
  2. Instructional Technology
  3. Presentation & Graphic Design
  4. Blogging & Web Tools
  5. Other

Note: If you choose the “Other” category, you are not guaranteed an appointment time. We will need to follow up with you to clarify your request and guide you to the person who can best help you.

Step 2: Employee

Second, you choose the team member you want to work with. Each team member has slightly different areas of expertise and software knowledge, so pay attention to their description, if you want to work with specific software.

Note: If you want to schedule an appointment with a full-time staff member—Bob Cole, Evelyn Helminen, or Melissa Jennings, and cannot find availability using this system, you can email them directly to set up a custom appointment.

Step 3: Time

Third, you pick a time for your appointment. The availability calendar will change, depending on which team member you chose to work with. If you cannot find a suitable time, you may have to go back a step and try to book with someone else. If you would like to schedule more than 30 minutes, you can book two appointments back-to-back.

Step 4: Details

Finally, you fill out your name and email address, and explain as much as you can about what kind of help you need. This will help us prepare to assist you as much as possible. After booking, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your appointment. Your confirmation email will also contain a link to cancel your appointment, should you need to do so. A team member will follow up with you if they need to clarify any details of your appointment. Otherwise, just show up at the DLC at your scheduled time!

Click here to try out our new system and book an appointment!


Screening: Transforming the Academy in the Digital Era

This year, the theme of Middlebury’s Clifford Symposium is “Transforming the Academy in the Digital Era”. We are living in an era featuring massive transformations in information and communication technology that alter generations of traditional practices in a wide range of fields, careers, and elements of everyday life. This symposium will focus on how such technological transformations, and their corresponding cultural, political, economic, and social shifts, are changing the world of higher education and scholarly research.

Join us in the DLC D Space for a live-stream screening of John Palfrey’s keynote speech!

You can also watch the below speakers live at the following times here:

    • Tara McPherson, September 19, 10:00 AM
    • Siva Vaidhyanathan, September 19, 1:30 PM