The focus of this course revolves around HIV, public health, gender, and education issues in the Rwandan context. Training also covers social marketing as a public health tool. Project planning, facilitation, and partnerships are covered in the classroom with 2-3 days devoted to “real-life” client projects with Partners in Health, a NGO co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author Paul Farmer, and the Rwanda Ministry of Health. Working side by side with African professionals from leading NGOs to develop innovative solutions that address local priorities, you will gain skills in design and project assessment in sustainable development, fostering participatory development (with a focus on education), leading change, measuring progress, crafting attractive funding proposals, and using data to communicate results.

This opportunity falls under Tier 3 of the Immersive Professional Learning Funding Guidelines. Apply by November 1st or December 1st to be considered for an award of $1,000 to offset the costs of this practicum.

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