A Saturday in Carmel

We boarded the bus at Monterey Transit Center and arrived in gorgeous Carmel 15 minutes later.  It was a sunny, perfect 70 degrees, and after a quick stop at the market for lunch supplies, we started our walk in Mission Trail Park.  The 33-acre park has 5 miles of trails and is filled with with pine and redwood trees, edible flowers, and small dogs on leashes.  The original plan was to walk through the park and head home, but no one was ready to leave such a beautiful place.  Instead, we all decided to take the 15 minute walk to the beach where we then hung out for a couple hours playing in the water, taking walks, and building sand castles.  I was grateful to spend my Saturday with such an amazing group of people from around the world, and I know they were, too!

Hiking 10Hiking 6





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