Sports and Beach Day

It’s been rainy for a couple months here in beautiful Monterey!  This means the rivers are flowing and the grass is a vibrant green (as you can see in the pictures below).  Thankfully, we’re in central California, so we are still able to enjoy plenty of sunny days!


Last weekend, a group of students and their friends and family (hailing from Korea, China, Trinidad, Brazil, Germany, America, and Kazakhstan) hung out to soak up a couple hours of sun and blue skies! It was windy and chilly on the beach where we met, but playing soccer and Monkey in the Middle quickly warmed us up.  We also quickly learned that none of us stood a chance against our wonderful 6-foot-4 German student!  After running around, we enjoyed tamales, rice, fruit, and good conversation. It was a  short but great day with such fun and interesting people!



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