Cross-Strait Event: The 13th Mini-Monterey Model

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What: A collaboration between the Chinese Studies Program, GSIPM, and the Translation and Interpretation Program

When: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, 12:00-3:50 PM

Where: Irvine Auditorium

Opening: Moderators Feiya Luo, Timothy Ditter and Yinghua Cai

12:30-1:30 PM: Cross-Straight Seminar Class Debate in English–Has China’s Taiwan Policy failed?

Sean Manzano, ITP; Heather Frank, IEM; Timothy Ditter, IPM; Levi Paul Stribling, TFL Chinese; David Thompson, ITP; Everett Roberts, MPA; Nina Geller, IEP; Jende Huang, NPTS; Aaron Hebenstrait, T&I; Nate Maynard, IEP; Catherine Norbeck, MPA and Thomas Stevenson-Shannon, MPA will present.

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