PCMI Returnees & Packages

This past Fall the MA TESOL program was re-graced with the presence of three of its returned Peace Corps Master‘s International (PCMI) students: David Chiesa, Ryan Damerow and Heather Kokesch. The three returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCVs) were previously serving as tertiary-level education volunteers teaching English. David and Ryan served in China, while Heather served in the Philippines from 2007-2009. The three returned in the Summer of 2009 and began classes last Fall. Spring 10 will be their last semester at MIIS all three are MA TESOL and LPA certificate candidates.

pc package

Peace Corps packages being sent out to current PCMI students serving in China, Honduras, and Kazakhstan

Current PCMI students in the field include Kristina Swamy serving in China, Mica Tucci serving in El Salvador, and Kristine Balderelli serving in Kazakhstan. The GSTILE office has made a point to send them holiday cards, care packages, and most recently valentines. As it has become tradition to send packages to our volunteering students once again we were able to solicit assistance from local businesses such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe‘s to assist in sending out some pretty hearty packages. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these packages to help support our PCMI students for all of their selfless service.

By Heather Kokesch MA TESOL, PCMI & LPA Certificate Candidate

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