Michel Gueldry’s Newest Publications

Professor Michel Gueldry, Professor of French and European Studies at MIIS, is the editor of two newly published books: Consistent Incorporation of Professional Terminologies into the World’s Languages and How Globalizing Professions Deal with National Languages.

How Globalizing Professions Deal with National Languages

How Globalizing Professions Deal with National Languages contains 14 chapters which deal with how people go about teaching languages.  It examines resources, methods, and programs, and looks critically at language teaching, content teaching, and language use in professional settings in the United States and Europe.

Chapter 5 of his book, “The Monterey Model: An Interdisciplinary Platform for Integrating Professional Core Competencies”, written by MIIS faculty Michael Gillen, Michel Gueldry, and Jacolyn Harmer, presents a “flexible, non territorial teaching ‘platform'” intended to inform and inspire language course development.

Consistent Incorporation of Professional Terminologies into the World's Languages

Consistent Incorporation of Professional Terminologies into the World’s Languages looks at 17 case studies and examines the need for career-oriented disciplinary studies.  The book considers the impact of globalization on world languages and cultures and its implications for language and culture pedagogy for the working world.

This book includes four chapters contributed by members of the MIIS community.  Chapter 4, “Languages, Culture, and Education for Nonproliferation Policy”, written by Lisa Sanders-Donohoe and Jing-dong Yuan, highlights three courses at MIIS designed to prepare 21st century leaders in nonproliferation policy, which emphasize the use of content-based instruction.  Chapter 7, “Lessons from the Peace Corps: Where Language Meets Culture in Education”, written by four MIIS peace corps volunteers, explores the influence of language and culture within the formal and non-formal education sectors.  Chapter 10, “Toward Intercultural Competence in the Global Professional: Managing Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Communication”, written by Kasey Moctezuma, Director of International Service, identifies communication challenges facing the global professional.  Chapter 13, “Integrated Global Communication Services: Redefining the Role of Language in the Context of Business and Government”, written by Jeffrey J. Munks, a former Fulbright Scholar at MIIS, considers the impact of growing linguistic and cultural diversity on public and private ventures.

For those interested in the manifestation of language and cultural education in the real world, Gueldry’s books are a current and welcome addition to your library.  Professor Gueldry has also previously published 2 books on international relations, France and European Integration: Toward a Transnational Polity? and Les Etats-Unis et l’Europe face à la guerre d’Irak.

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