MIIS Translation and Interpretation Seminar in Taipei

On November 27th, a team of representatives of the Monterey Institute met in Taipei to discuss the topic  “Language As Asset” and give an introduction to Translation and Interpretation careers. MIIS alumni, prospective students, and translation and interpretation professionals were greeted with a slideshow of photos of Monterey, and then were invited to listen to two panels made up of MIIS alumni.

The first panel session included Daniel Steve Villarreal who discussed the topic “Court Interpreters — Why are we here and who do we serve?”, Joyce Yao who discussed “The Charm and Reality of Novel Translation”, Rachel Yang who discussed “Life as an Interpreter”, and Jackie Yeh who discussed “Race with Time: Working as a News Translator”.

The second panel session included Weisheng Wu who discussed “Technical Career Writing”, Yu-Hsiang (Carol) Kaowho discussed “Studies of Students’ Simultaneous Interpretation Performance with Live Speeches”, and Joyce Yaowho discussed “Introduction to Localization Industry and Translation Memory Software”.

The seminar was well-attended with the 100 person seminar room packed full of attendees and interactive panel discussions. The event was extremely successful at building an interest in the Monterey Institute as well as the field of Translation and Interpretation.

Without the support of Luke Hsieh, Dan, Weisheng Wu, Claire Tao, Joyce Yao, Rachel Yang, Carol Kao, Jackie Yeh, the MIIS Alumni Relations office, MIIS Admissions office, and generous MIIS Translation and Interpretation graduates, none of this would have been possible. We thank them for their help!

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