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Student Summers: 12 TESOL Students work with the Shimane Exchange Program

 島根県立大学 (Shimane University) & MIIS


Shimane students and photojournalism instructors

34 Japanese students arrived in Monterey from Shimane University on August 1, 2011. They came to the Monterey Institute to study English and experience American culture through the Intensive English Program. They would spend the month of August with eight eager teachers, three  fantastic activity guides, and one incredible cross-cultural coordinator awaited them — all students from our TESOL program.

This symbiotic relationship between Shimane University and the Monterey Institute provides the MATESOL students with the opportunity to implement various principles and practices they have been studying here at the Monterey Institute.

TESOL student teaching Shimane Students

TESOL student examines Shimane photojournalism project

MATESOL students taught classes such as Photojournalism, Introduction to US Culture, and Current Events. The curriculum, designed by the MATESOL students, was tailored to maximize the Shimane students’ interaction with local English speakers. This was accomplished through such classes as Panel Discussion, during which members of the MIIS community visited the classroom and had conversations with the students. During Community Exploration class, the Shimane students were able to practice their conversation skills outside the classroom with visits to the Hopkins Marine Station, the Monterey Fire Department, and Trader Joe’s market.

Advanced Entry Program in Language Teaching

International Education Day photo

Photo by sarspri

The Monterey Institute’s MA TESOL degree is a wonderful investment in your professional future, but not many are aware of the one year program track that is available to prospective students.

The 30-unit Advanced Entry MA TESOL degree can be completed in three academic semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer, with the typical course load of 12-13 units in each of the fall and spring semesters and 5-7 units in the summer session. Ideal candidates for this advanced-entry MA degree have already taken coursework toward a TESOL certificate or degree program.

The MA TESOL degree program at Monterey Institute is distinguished for its solid foundation in the fields of linguistics, language pedagogy and applied linguistics research. Students receive training in a broad range of topics important to the development of language education professionals.

If you wish to learn more about the Advanced-entry program, please contact Lynn Goldstein, the TESOL program chair. If you have any questions about the application process or admissions requirements, please contact Carol Johnson.