Second International Conference on Language Education

This summer, Dr. Kathy Bailey traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, where she attended the second International Conference on Language Education. The conference was put on by Sabanci University, a private research institute that is ranked third in academic achievement in Turkey.

Dr. Bailey gave a workshop on communication strategies during her time there in June. Experts from all over the world were invited to share thoughts on language education and linguistic research. Dr. Bailey is a noted expert in fields such as educational research, assessment, language program administration, and teacher education.

Dr. Bailey also gave a plenary presentation on dialogue journals, part of an ongoing project which is being co-authored by two TESOL alumni: David Chisea and Ryan Damerow. David Chisea is in his second year as an English Language Fellow in China, where he works extensively with teacher training. His recent work includes teacher training for Peace Corps volunteers. Ryan currently works as an administrative assistant for The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (Dr. Kathy Bailey is the current residing president).

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