5-Year Success of Mini-Monterey Model

The Monterey Institute offers special Monterey Model courses, which are taught simultaneously in multiple language sections. The Language Studies program offers professionally-relevant language courses for our students pursuing degrees in policy and business. These sections focus on a topic such as Challenges of Globalization, Issues in the European Union, or Green Business, which students in different language courses explore from their own cultural perspective during the semester.  These language courses provide opportunities for our students to enhance their language skills while exploring topics relevant to their degrees. During the semester, all languages meet in plenary sessions (interpreted by students in our Conference Interpretation program) to share their findings.

Professor Jinhuei Enya Dai, Professor Vicki Porras and Professor Jacolyn Harmer initiated the 1st Mini-Monterey Model Event in the Spring semester of 2007, which was entitled “Business Culture Presentation” presented in Spanish and in Chinese, and collaborated with the Translation and Interpretation program. This year marks the successful completion of the 9th Mini-Monterey Model Semester, which was made possible thanks to the efforts of Professors Jinhuei Enya Dai, Vicki Porras, Barry Olsen, Laura Burian, and Jacolyn Harmer.

The 9th Mini-Monterey Model, held on November 30, 2011, was a collaboration between the Translation and Interpretation program, the Chinese Studies program and the Spanish Studies program. This Model provides and enhances learning opportunities for T & I students and Language Studies students from different majors and expertise. You can see the 9th Mini-Monterey flyer to learn more about the specific event details and students involved.

Congratulations on a wonderful event this year and five years of Mini-Monterey Model success!

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