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MATESOL Candidates Intern in India over J-term

Kassie Clark (PCMI TESOL candidate), Maggie Steingraeber (MATESOL ’11), and Sarah DeMola (MATESOL candidate) travelled to India to work with MIIS Alum Tarana Patel (MATESOL ’06) at Sankalchand Patel (SK) Colleges in Visnagar. The quartet collaborated to present workshops on interactive and communicative teaching strategies. In addition, they each taught a class in the Intensive English program at the college.

DeMola taught English to Engineering students with advanced proficiency in English. Her class focused on service learning. Students formed a club they called “The green rebels” and carried out a campus wide cleaning project.


Steingraeber taught a class with students of mixed majors who were intermediate to advanced speakers of English. Students noticed animal testing and child labor issues on campus. As a result of the ethical issues they witnessed, students were inspired to discuss, research, and present on social problems of interest to them.

Clark taught a class of high elementary level English speakers who were majoring in commerce. These students came from the city campus, making their commute more challenging. Clarks’ class emphasized conversational English focusing on student nominated topics, such as: cultural customs, economy, corruption, newspaper, and current events.

Patel taught an English for specific purposes course to high beginner level nursing students. Students learned medical terminology and participated in nurse/patient role plays.

Clark reported that the students were enthusiastic to practice English and to share the Indian culture with the foreign women. The ladies also enjoyed watching a kite festival, visiting the Sun Temple, riding in a cart pulled by a camel, textile shopping and more!

MIIS Students Host Foreign Language Symposium March 10th

Students from the Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) degree programs successfully hosted the 1st annual Celebrating Foreign Language Education Symposium on March 10th with the support of MIIS faculty and staff.

The keynote  address was on “Green Grammar” by Monterey Institute Professor Dr. Leo van Lier. Dr. van Lier joined the TESOL/TFL program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1986 and has authored a number of essential books and articles in the field of second language acquisition and applied linguistics.

Presentations by MIIS professors, TFL/TESOL candidates as well as local K-12 and university teachers continued throughout the day. The presentations were given in several languages and the topics were  broad in scope. The evening ended with an informative poster session and hors d’oeuvres.

Overall, the symposium brought over 150 students, faculty and local professionals together for an engaging and informative day. The Monterey community is looking forward to next year’s Foreign Language Symposium and we hope to see you all there.

FOUND IN TRANSLATION: The making of a skilled interpreter: What we know about expertise development in interpreting

On February 28, 2012, Doctor Minhua Liu spoke to Monterey Institute faculty and students and scholars and interpreters from around the world who logged on to watch the presentation live, as part of the Found in Translation Lecture Series. Live web streaming of the presentation was carried out in conjunction with the Training Committee of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). We post the presentation in its entirety here.


Despite a lack of longitudinal studies of expertise development in interpreting, research in interpreting studies and cognitive science has provided empirical evidence and ideas on the manifestation and development of expertise in interpreting. We have learned from research that more-skilled interpreters differ from less-skilled interpreters in their information processing being more semantic-based, being more selective in what to interpret, being more efficient at lexical processing, having a better grasp of text structure, being more selective in listening, and having a more enhanced self-awareness of the task. Research has also informed us that more-skilled and less-skilled interpreters do not seem to differ in verbal fluency, memory capacity, or even the ability to do some forms of multi-tasking. This talk will focus on how trainers and practitioners of interpreting can learn from these research findings and apply them in the classroom or in the booth.

MIIS Students Selected for Summer 2012 Stanford T & I Medical Interns

Nine MIIS T& I students have been selected for the 2012 Stanford Hospital and Clinics Medical Interpreter/Translator Summer Internship. The students were selected out of 51 interviewed candidates. Please congratulate: Angelica Amaral Palines (T&I Spanish), Kayla Gilchrest (T&I Spanish), Michaela McCaughey (T&I Spanish), Lan Bao (T&I Chinese), Shaobo Jiang (T&I Chinese), Ziyan (Zoe) Lu (T&I Chinese), Maria Liberovsky (T&I Russian), Svetlana Prigoda (T&I Russian) and Ahreum Lee (T& I Korean).


New Degree Program

Starting in the fall of 2012 MIIS will be introducing a new degree called International Education Management (IEM). IEM will be part of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management. IEM is a 42-credit degree program that is designed to be completed in three semesters with a culminating 4-6 month practicum or internship. There is also an option to do a joint IEM/ MPA(Masters in Public Administration) degree program in five semesters.

For more information about IEM please visit the website at