Rosa Kavenoki Traveled to Russia During Spring Break

MIIS professor Rosa Kavenoki was a juror at a MOK conference at the Higher School of Interpretation and Translation of the St.Petersburg State Pedagogical (Herzen) University in St. Petersburg, Russia on March 24. The Higher School of Interpretation and Translation is sponsored by the UN and the European Commission, and has been training new interpreters for the Russian booths in both organization, as well as for the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Professor Kavenoki was present at the school’s inception four years ago and has visited twice a year since its inception. The translation and interpretation program at the Higher School is a year long and is considered the best in Russia.

While in Russia, Kavenoki met with MIIS Alumni Elena Kucherenko, Olga Myshenkova, Nikolay Zabelin, Dmitry Roumyantsev, Evgeny Soko, and Ksenia Ruzova.

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