Curriculum Design Trade Fair Wows Guests

Angie Petinos (left, MATESOL candidate) and Karen Wong (right, MAIEM candidate)

MIIS TESOL/TFL candidates wowed guests on May 18th when they presented their original curriculum design projects. Each curriculum was carefully designed for a particular context after the needs and interests of all relevant stakeholders had been assessed. These programs include the Peace Resource Center in Seaside, CA to Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy in Baku, Azerbaijan to an Elementary school on the island nation of Tonga and places in-between.

After forming teams, students engaged with the context they selected and followed the process from needs assessment through creating goals and syllabus frameworks to designing units and lessons. From all this hard work and dedication, MATESOL/MATFL students emerged with marketable curriculum design skills and curricula that they are proud to present to their clients.

The MATESOL/MATFL candidates appreciated the opportunity to solidify and synthesize their knowledge of curriculum design via presentations to guest. Furthermore, the fair gave student peers, faculty and staff the opportunity to see the great accomplishments of  MATESOL/TFL candidates.

“It’s like showing off your baby” says Kimby Murakami (MATESOL ’12) of the trade fair.


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