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MIIS Directed Study Published in Canadian Journal

MIIS Professor Michel Gueldry, below, and James Knuckles (MAIEP and MBA 2012), right, spent last year working on a Directed Study of French and Sustainability Studies.  They wrote a joint paper entitled “Promoting Products Sustainability through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)” which was published in the September issue of VertigO, a French language journal focusing on Science and the Environment from the University of Quebec.

Professor Gueldry had this to say about the project:

In this article, we propose a way to analyze the impact of a product’s life cycle on the triple bottom line (social, environmental, and economic) — that corporate sustainability concept so often described as the reconciliation of the Triple P (People, Planet, and Profit) — to move beyond the excesses and contradictions inherent to the current unsustainable system, which can be described as the Triple C (Carboniferous Consumer Capitalism). Our analysis of the inputs and outputs that constitute a product’s life cycle connects the three complementary dimensions identified by  Hendrickson et al., namely “inventory, impact, and improvement.”

MIIS Alumna Awarded Doctoral Dissertation Grant from TIRF

MIIS alumna, Joyce Kling (MA TESOL ’88), was awarded one of eight doctoral dissertation grants awarded annually by The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF). Joyce is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen writing her dissertation on “Teacher Cognition: English-medium instruction at LIFE [faculty of life sciences].” Her research project examines teaching behavior in English-medium instruction courses described by Danish professors of natural science. The project seeks to reveal underlying teacher cognitions about professional identity related to teaching through a foreign language in the multicultural, multilingual graduate classroom.

On a personal note, Joyce is married to MIIS graduate Daniel Kim Soren (MBA ’92).  Kim had come to MIIS from Denmark on a FUHU scholarship to study business, and Joyce was teaching a summer ESL course.  They have two daughters, aged 9 and 11.

Faculty News Roundup

The GSTILE Faculty have been busy as ever both on and off campus.  Here are a few of the faculty’s recent and future exploits.Photo

Russian TI Professor Rosa Kavenoki will be speaking at the Federov’s Readings International Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.  This conference on Translation and Interpreting is held every other year and will take place at the St. Petersburg State University from October 17-20.

Anthony PymVisiting Researcher Anthony Pym recently presented a report entitled The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation.  He also addressed the 20th Anniversary Symposium of the European Society for Translation Studies, of which he is the current president, in Vienna. On November 30th, he will give the annual Translation Studies Shreve lecture at the Institute for Applied Linguistics at Kent State University.

PhotoPeter DeCosta, a visiting TESOL/TFL Professor, was honored by the American Educational Research Association (AERA).  His doctoral dissertation, “The Power of Language Ideologies:  Designer Immigrants Learning English in Singapore,” was chosen as the dissertation of the year by the Second Language Special Interest Group of AERA. As a result of his selection, Dr. DeCosta will be featured presenter during the Business Meeting at the upcoming AERA meeting in San Francisco in April of 2013.

Cross-Strait Immersive Module Language Initiative: Shanghai-Taipei

The Cross Strait Immersive Module: Shanghai-Taipei is an innovative 4-unit course that is built upon the notion of the “languaging the profession” initiative. It provides field researching and networking opportunities focused on economic, development, and security issues across the straits. This initiative is a joint collaboration between Professor Wei Liang and Professor Jinhuei Enya Dai.

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between students’ academic and career goals. In other words, this pilot program serves as a new model for language acquisition at a professional international graduate school setting, a true future learning model.

The Cross-Strait Immersive Module Language Initiative: Shanghai-Taipei will occur during spring break, March 16 – 24, 2013. Interested students must meet the language requirements.

For more information and to apply, please contact Professor Jinhuei Enya Dai or Professor Wei Liang.

Alumna Teaches Chinese at The Bush School in Seattle

Check out this clip of a KOMO news interview with Shuang Gou (MATFL Chinese ’10), Michael Rawding (MIIS board member), and his daughter. Shuang Guo, teaches the first ever Chinese course offered at the Bush School in Seattle, WA and Michael’s daughter is one of her students. The students’ parents and school administration are extremely pleased with her teaching. Michael Rawding called her “fantastic!”

MIIS Alumna Interpreting for a Media Company in Russia

Chiara Salce graduated from MIIS just last May (MACI, Russian). By September she was on a plane to Moscow, and it was no time at all before she landed a job at Focus Reports, a media company preparing a report on the Russian energy sector.  She interprets for them during their interviews with CEOs and government officials.  Here she is pictured with some colleagues in the Russian Duma (note the golden double-headed eagle of the Russian Federation on the coat of arms behind her) where she has been working of late.