Monthly Archives: June 2013

12th Annual Latino Recognition Ceremony

The 12th Annual Latino Recognition Ceremony at the Monterey Peninsula College was a great success. Kelly A. Fletes, organizer of the event, especially thanked the Monterey Institute for providing the simultaneous interpretation equipment used at the event. Turnout rate for this year was higher and MPC students were very appreciative of the effort to support the Latino community.

Professor Kavenoki Speaks at T&I Conference in Russia

Professor Kavenoki spoke on June 3, 2013 at the 5th Industry of Translation and Interpretation International Conference in Perm, Russia on the T&I Market in the United States, Russia, and Other Geographic Locations in the Russian-English Combination. The conference was held at the National Research Polytechnic University.

She also gave an open lecture on June 5, 2013. The topic of this lecture was the training of T&I Professionals in the United States.

To view an article about the conference (in Russian), please click here.