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Innovative Pedagogy and Ecological Perspective

The following article is a summary, in both English and Chinese, of Chinese language studies faculty, Jinhuei Enya Dai’s new book, Innovative Pedagogy and Ecological Perspective.

Innovative Pedagogy and Ecological Perspective is a book that infuses Eastern philosophy and Western theories. Pedagogy is a way of knowing and doing, as the book exemplifies the importance of the integration of DAO (Way) and QI (Vessel) in the classroom practice. The book is divided into five sections entitled DAO (Way), QI (Vessel), HE (Integrate), YI (One) and QI (Circulating life force); each part, respectively, discusses pedagogy, framework and methods, professional development and self-growth, self, and insights from experts.  The first four words DAO-QI-HE-YI indicates the Way and its Vessel Made One, an act of knowing and doing. The circulating life force QI comprises the insights from experts. Though the cycle of DAO-QI-HE-YI-QI, the path to innovation is complete, as shown below. The book is accompanied with a CD that includes podcasts about pedagogy, innovative units and lesson designs.


As Socrates proclaims, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” This book aims to rekindle readers’ passion for language education. Given that the etymology of “educere” is “to lead out of,” the book aims to guide readers in examining the resources and knowledge they own, integrate that with what they learned from their students and the environment, and then find their own path as educators. Through the cycle emerges the affordances to a new meaning potential, to the path of innovation: a new solution, a new way, and a better self. 

Book site (Author: Jinhuei Enya Dai, by Sharing Publisher, Taipei, 2016)


《創新中文教育:生態語言教育觀》是一本揉合東方道學和西方理論的書,也是一本反思「道」與「器」之於創新個體和語言教育關係的作品。從「教學是一種生活的藝術」到「道器合一」,本書論其「藝」,談其「術」,共分為五卷,並隨書附贈全彩實例附錄光碟。全書五卷各為道(pedagogy 實踐性的理論),器(framework & methods 框架與方法論),合(professional development & self-growth 專業進修和自我成長),一(self 自我),以及氣(insights from experts 專家的話)。
誠如蘇格拉底所言:「Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel」。本書希冀能帶給讀者重新發掘教育自己和他人的熱情,同時也希望讀者能夠開發自我資源,結合世界變遷的視角,找到屬於自己學習或教育的節奏,勇敢面對並接受自己的挫敗,並從挫敗中找到創新的契機,最終道器合一,形成自己的教學風格。

Last Friday, the 13th of November students from Peter Shaw’s Principles and Practices course went to the local elementary school Bayview Academy to do a foreign language lesson for the elementary school children.

For some, it was a new experience teaching a language that they themselves are not fluent speakers of, such as Swedish, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

For others, the new experience came when stepping into a classroom of 25 young learners.

It was an enriching learning experience for teachers and students alike, and I daresay some fun was had as well!