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Whole Foods Vegetarian Tour with Professor Scorse!

12 Want to make the transition to a planet-base diet that is better for you, your family, the animals, and the imagesenvironment, but not sure how to start? Then join Professor Scorse and other MIIS students on April 16th at 4PM for a tour of Whole Foods where a range of veggie samples will await you. There will also be a store tour and plenty of time for Q&A. To begin the move to a healthier diet please email Professor Scorse at and sign up for this event! Thanks!


Minhua Liu named Co-Editor of the journal “Interpreting”

Chinese T & I Professor Minhua Liu is the new Co-Editor of Interpreting: International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting

Minhua Liu_2013

Beginning with the Spring 2013 issue published in March, Professor Minhua Liu started her tenure as the new Co-Editor of Interpreting, the field’s premier academic journal. Interpreting was established in 1996, and for the past eight years was edited by Dr. Franz Pöchhacker and Dr. Miriam Shlesinger, who passed away in 2012. Dr. Liu comes to the journal with eight years of experience as a member of the advisory board, and as a former contributor to the journal. Dr. Liu brings to Interpreting her research expertise in working memory and testing, as well as her experience working in Asia and the U.S. as a conference interpreter and as a teacher and director at Taiwan’s first T & I graduate institute.  For more information about Interpreting, click on any of the Interpreting hyperlinks or contact Professor Liu at

French Poetry Contest at MIIS

img_7345The third annual French Poetry Contest, co-sponsored by our GSTILE French Program  and the Alliance Française of the Monterey Peninsula, was held in Irvine Auditorium on March 16, 2013. Fifty-two students from the Monterey area’s middle schools, high schools and colleges participated in the two categories: original poems written by the candidates in French, and recitations of poems from French and Francophone literature.


MIIS Professor Michel Gueldry  and  Alliance Française President Madame de Sibert greeted the candidates.  Three judges: Professors Edgard Coly and  John Hedgcock and Toni O’Meara (former DLI professor and published poet) read the original poems and heard the recitations. Trophies were awarded for first, second and third prizes, as well as many honorable mention certificates. The candidates ranged from young teenagers to mature college students; they all displayed much enthusiasm in their high quality presentations and interpretations. The enthusiastic applause they received from the audience emphasized the success of the event.


MIIS Translation and Localization Professor Max Troyer also helped with the event by designing and printing the programs, as well as all the beautiful certificates that the candidates received. A few MIIS students helped the candidates throughout the course of the event as well: Leslie Hayner was a most gracious hostess, Francesca Isaia helped tabulate the judging of the original poems, and Gael Tovivo made sure each candidate was comfortable on the stage.


Arab Spring Turns into Sand Storms

Guest Lecturealaa on Arab Spring, organized by the Arabic Studies Program.

Prof. Alaa Eligibali from the University of Maryland will speak        Thursday, April 4th, from 2:15pm to 1:15pm in McGowan 100.

A little more than two years ago, parts of the Arab world experienced what later came to be known as the Arab Spring. Initial world and domestic consensus of hope and optimism are turning into ambivalence and even skepticism. As chaos claims the day, many wonder if that spring has turned into a true Arab spring of sand storms and poor visibility.  Was the imagery drawn for the Arab revolutions indeed prophetic?

2nd Annual Celebrating Foreign Language Education: A Monterey Bay Symposium

cropped-FLS_logo_blogheader-copy_111        In honoring our late Dr. Leo van Lier, the 2nd Annual Celebrating Foreign Language Education: A Monterey Bay Symposium will commence on Saturday, March 30, 2013. Our keynote speaker this year is Peter DeCosta speaking on “Scales: An Alternative Lens for Investigating Foreign Language Learning and Teaching.” In addition, we will have speakers for local institutions speaking on assessment methods, technological tools, and intercultural competency.
        Ready to register? Please go to to register today! Interested in participating in this meaningful event? We are looking for participants for the poster session. If you have a curriculum design project, a Kumar trade fair project, or a research project that you would like to showcase, please fill out our Poster Session Signup Form. If you would like to volunteer some time to help out with the event, please fill out our Volunteer Form. Volunteers will receive a waived $15 registration fee and lunch will be provided. For more information, please visit our website at We look forward to celebrating foreign language education with you on March 30th!

Job Opportunity in Taiwan

Advisor Edy Rhodes and Professor Lynn Goldstein have been working with Fullbright Taiwan on this new opportunity.  They’re looking for candidates from MIIS inparticular, so check it out! The full description is posed on Zocalo.



Opportunity to spend 11 months as Academic Advisors with the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETA). You will work with Taiwanese Local English Teachers (LETs) on orientations, workshops, reports, teaching observations and consultations.  Possibility to participate in the The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) Research Group on “The Impact of International Exchange and Language Learning.”  You must have had 2 years of teaching experience and your Master’s degree by the time you start the assignment.  Duration of grant is normally 11 months starting August 1, 2013.  Renewal might be considered.



2 awards – monthly stipend of NT$60000-NT$80000
(Commensurate with the educational degree and qualifications of the grantee)

Direct flight, round-trip economy-class air ticket

Travel reimbursement for the transportation costs incurred in traveling between location

Hotel accommodation reimbursement up to NT$2000 per night due to business travel between location.


Application Procedure:


Submit the following required documents to Zocalo through our On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Fulbright Foundation of Scholarly Exchange by March 17, 2013, midnight

–  A statement of purpose in English for teacher training & research

–  English CV (with your cell phone number or easy-to-be contacted number) and email address.

Only the finalists or top candidates for this position will be required to provide the following:

  • Academic transcripts and degree certification (if you are in your final semester you can have a letter submitted by Edy Rhodes, your Academic Advisor that you are in good academic standing and anticipate graduating successfully in May 2013.  You will then need to supply a letter from Records once your grades are submitted and processed in June 2013).
  • Copy of R.O.C. ID card or the copy of passport of other English speaking countries

    Selection Procedure

1.  In late March, A Selection Committee reviews application documents.

2.  Some candidates will have Skype interviews.

3. Candidates will then normally be notified by April 1.


MIIS Contact Edy Rhodes

ETA Taiwan Contact person:

Ms. Kelly Chang


The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange

2F, 45 Yanping South Road

Taipei 10043, Taiwan



2013 Career Fair

Career fair 2012_ladies shaking handsJoin the annual Monterey Institute Career Fair where you can network with over 100 employer representatives, learn about job and internship opportunities, and ask your questions regarding desired skills and knowledge areas for a career in your desired field. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and skills, network with professionals, present your “elevator pitch” and polished resume, and explore job opportunities!

Chinese Program Founding Faculty Member Tianmin Yu Passes Away

Professor Tianmin Yu, retired faculty member from the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education, passed away in Beijing on February 12, 2013, at the age of 91.  Prof. Yu joined the Monterey Institute in 1987 as the founding faculty member of the Chinese program of the then Department of Translation and Interpretation. Prior to coming to Monterey, Prof. Yu had taught at the United Nations Translators and Interpreters Program (now the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation) of the Beijing Foreign Studies University. A dedicated and effective teacher, Prof. Yu was much respected and loved by his students and colleagues. He will be remembered.