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Meet the Spanish Interpreters!

Six second-year interpretation students in Spanish program perform the art of interpretation at Fall Forum on one of the most important challenges of our time: Water.

Spanish interpreters

Martina Kinkle, Erin Teske, Alison Woods, Mariano De Anton, Deepti Limaye, & Omkar Kalaskar (from left to right)


Spanish interpreters are constantly challenged:

Taking out the fluff. Formal speeches in Spanish tend to use more flowery language, whereas English is generally more succinct. When interpreting, this can make your job easier, because you can interpret a message using fewer words, or more difficult, since it might take more effort to actually decipher the speaker’s message.

Careful with those false cognates! Spanish and English share many words that are spelled and pronounced similarly, but which have very different meanings. For example, if you say you’re ‘embarazada’, it actually means you’re pregnant, not embarrassed. Although this is a very basic example, false cognates can be tricky in more formal discourse as well.


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MIIS Faculty, Students, & Alumni Meet in Paris

During a recent trip to Paris, Professor Abel gathered together with a few of her former, current, and future students for crêpes and cider. Professor Abel says, “It is very gratifying to see how well our alumni are doing, and they set a great example for our current students.” She loves to encourage networking among the MIIS T&I French community; it’s the added value of having such a close-knit program.

From left to right:  Josie Patton (MATI 2013), Jessica Pearce (MATI 2015), Holden Ferry (MATI 2013), Prof. Christiane Abel, Vi (candidate, TI French), Jessica Le Briquer (MATI 2015), and Zac Heyman (MATI 2015) in Paris, France, January 2014.

From left to right:  Josie Patton (MATI 2013), Jessica Pearce (MATI 2015), Holden Ferry (MATI 2013), Prof. Christiane Abel, Vi (candidate, TI French), Jessica Le Briquer (MATI 2015), and Zac Heyman (MATI 2015) in Paris, France, January 2014.

Faculty Member Publishes Articles in Russian

The Yelabuga Institute of the Kazan Federal University recently published two articles by Cyril Flerov, a Russian Conference Interpreter and Faculty Member at the Monterey Institute. The articles were entitled “Skills, Abilities and Types of Knowledge the Simultaneous Conference Interpreter Needs” and “On Two Modes of Simultaneous Interpretation”. Both articles can be found online.

Congratulations, Cyril!

Kavenoki Conducts Webinar on Interpreting for Olympics

Russian translation and interpretation professor Rosa Kavenoki conducted a webinar on intercultural communication around interpreting for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee and volunteers on October 29 in Moscow, Russia.
While in Russia, Prof. Kavenoki also spoke at the plenary session of the international conference Language and Culture in the Changing World, which took place October 23-24 at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk.

China International Translation Contest

The China State Council Information Office, Chinese Writers Association, and China International Publishing Group have launched a translation contest for translators in both China and abroad. The organizing committee will provide 30 contemporary Chinese short stories as source texts for translation. The deadline for submitting entries is February 28, 2014, and there will be one first prize of $5,000, two second prizes of $3,000, and several third prizes of $1,000 for each language.

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CATESOL Steinbeck Chapter Mini Conference October 5th at Monterey Peninsula College


Steinbeck CATESOL Presents:

Meeting Challenges!
Saturday, October 5, 2013
8 AM -1 PM
Sam Karas Room,
LTC (library & technology center)
Monterey Peninsula College
Registration 8 AM – 8:30 AM


Dr. Lynn Goldstein, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Feedback to Adult Second Language Writers in Academic Settings

Dr. Ellen Lipp, Linguistics Department, CSU, Fresno
Accessing Academic texts through a new SQ3R_E
Approach and Common Core Standards

Dr. Barbara Birch, Linguistics Department, CSU, Fresno
Implementing the Common Core K-12 Language Standards
with Construction Grammar

12th Annual Latino Recognition Ceremony

The 12th Annual Latino Recognition Ceremony at the Monterey Peninsula College was a great success. Kelly A. Fletes, organizer of the event, especially thanked the Monterey Institute for providing the simultaneous interpretation equipment used at the event. Turnout rate for this year was higher and MPC students were very appreciative of the effort to support the Latino community.

Update: MIIS Alum in Afghanistan

MIIS Alum Tara Bates, M.A. TESOL 2007, started out teaching abroad through the English Language Fellow (ELF) Program in Afghanistan. At about the same time her ELF fellowship finished, Kabul Education University had started working on a project and unexpectedly needed a course designer/mentor for their Afghan instructors. Bates offered to fill in for one semester. KEU seemed to like the work that Bates was doing and she was invited to stay on until the end of the project.

Besides helping with the KEU project, Bates is currently working for Indiana University as a consultant. She is helping develop and pilot courses for a Master’s of Education in TESOL. While she says she is really enjoying the work and having fun, she also likes that the work stretches her. Bates has had the chance to work with many different classes, including Curriculum Design, Assessment, Second Language Acquisition, Educational Research, and Adult Learning.  Much of her work for these classes has been heavily influenced by the work of the late MIIS TESOL/TFL Professor Leo van Lier.

In her experiences in Afghanistan, Bates has made many intersting observations about the Afghan system of higher education. Although it is very poor, there is a sort of built-in program of professional development: Professors are expected to write an academic paper (or book) every three years. Bates is trying to leverage this professional development program to help the Afghan students and professors get a good handle on research so that they will have at least some of the necessary skills to pursue education and learning throughout their lives. In their Education Research class, she is trying not just to teach about research methods, but to also model them for the students and Afghan instructors.

Click to learn more about the ELF program at the Monterey Institute’s regional page or the national ELF program website.

Guest Lecture on SLA Research

ortegaDr. Lourdes Ortega, Linguistics Professor at Georgetown University, will be giving a lecture on “How Useful is Instructed SLA Research for Teachers, and What does Epistemological Diversity have to Do with it?” Professor Ortega will examine ways in which the blooming of cognitive, sociocultural, and sociocognitive theories of additional language learning has invigorated the capacity of SLA researchers to make meaningful contributions to knowledge about language teaching. Come join on Friday, May 17th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in McGowan 102.

Multilingual Mural Party

Our Green Thumb Garden and B.U.I.L.D. are hosting an end of the semester painting party in the garden this Friday, May 3 @ 1:00pm! We need artists and multilinguists. Let’s paint a mural that showcases MIIS love of the environment and international cooperation.

What are some words about nature in Spanish? Portuguese? Chinese? Korean? Japanese? German? French?


A few “bef”ore pictures. This fence is just begging for some more artwork. So excited for this Friday…come help paint!