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“Green Business” Goes Multilingual and Individualized: Designing and Implementing Curriculum for “Green Business in China”

Professor Jin huei Dai presented at Ross Business School at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, March 20th, 2010

This paper addressed the design and implementation of business curriculum for a special purpose: environmental protection in China.  To integrate technological use in the language classroom, “Green business in China” advocates the use of blogging, GoogleDoc, Moodle, Youtube and others as part of Chinese language instruction.  Moreover, to broaden the influence of “Green Impact”, this course has an unique multilingual component in sharing the blogging site with Spanish Program’s “Green Business in Latin America.”  Learners in both classes can not only learn the language but also learn the content through the weekly blogging site.  In addition to blogging, this course may be tailored to the learners’ needs by integrating individualization and innovative approaches to encourage learners to further their interest in environmental protection and green business using Chinese language.