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Rosa Kavenoki presents in Moscow


Professor Rosa Kavenoki presented a paper at the international conference on Language Fashion and Communications in Moscow, November 8-9, 2011. The conference included a selective gathering of 25-30 experts who have been recently involved in presiding over the current changes in the Russian language. The process has been immensely interesting and dynamic and affects specific aspects of human activities in the country such as public speaking, journalism and mass media, literature, translation, interpretation, cinema, and theater.

Professor Kavenoki plenary presentation was titled, “Fancy Words and Memes as Part of Interpreting: Sharpening Verbal Output”. She was honored as the only Translation & Interpretation professional and individual from the United States invited by the conference organizers.

Professor Kavenoki also met with the conference participants and their students in order to tell them about the Monterey Institute and their place in the US higher education system, as well as about specific programs and degree tracks that are offered at the Monterey Institute.