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Uwe Muegge’s Presentation at IMUG Meeting

On January 13, Professor Uwe Muegge gave a live presentation at the monthly meeting of IMUG, the International Multilingual Users Group. In his presentation titled “TermWiki: Terminology management in the cloud“, Professor Muegge discussed the many benefits collaborative terminology management with a tool like TermWiki has over traditional, document-centric terminology management approaches. This meeting, hosted at Adobe’s corporate headquarters in San Jose, was attended by approximately 50 industry experts, including several MIIS alumni and students.

Uwe Muegge’s Presentation at Virtual Translation Conference

On November 10, 2010 Professor Uwe Muegge gave a live presentation as part of the Global Translation Consumers Virtual Conference, an event that attracted registrants from 67 countries. In his webinar titled Reining in the cloud: A call for managed collaboration, Professor Muegge discussed the role of cloud sourcing in the localization process, and how the need for managed collaboration can be met by using wiki-based collaborative solutions like TermWiki. After his presentation, Professor Muegge moderated a Focus Group on the topic “Clouds, Crowds or Clowns?”.

View of the countries of origin of the registrants for this virtual conference. Source: proz.com

This webinar marked the tenth item on professor Muegge’s publication list in 2010. The eleventh, his contribution to the proceedings of the Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies, another paper on TermWiki, is currently in printing.