Filming Diaries Pictured Report 2 (July 19th-22nd)

Then, on the 19th of July, we went to the 33rd Anniversary of the Sanidinista’s Revolution to gain a better understanding of the political context in Nicaragua.


People on their way to “Plaza de la Revolución”, Managua.

The crowd waiting for Daniel Ortega’s speech.

We were that close to the President. (Thanks Jorge)

On July 21st, we went to visit La Laguna, a Matagalpa’s indigenous community where we knew about their struggle during centuries fighting for their rights against landowners, governments, and private companies. However, they finally succeeded bringing water and proper sanitation to their houses and producing coffee.

Panoramic view of Matagalpa’s mountains from La Laguna.

Leo, our beloved friend from La Laguna!!!

The 22nd of July we visited different places nearby Managua to film and illustrate the abundance of water (Lake Xolotlan, Masaya, Puerto Salvador Allende, and Laguna Tiscapa) in this region of Nicaragua.

General view of Laguna de Tiscapa

By Manuel Martínez